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Miss you! I agree, Facebook is neat and good but not nearly as effective as bloggin.

Lynell Ingram

I feel you on the busy freelance life, and I don't even have kids! :) But I'm in the same boat, where on the rare occasions that I'm even breaking even financially I'm ecstatic. It will happen, just takes time. I love seeing how your work has developed since our days at MIAD and Pilgrim Imports, ha, when's the last time you thought about that place!? You'll be huge in no time. :)


Hello Ellia! I thought I would drop by and see that you have recently posted. I remember that you used to post about keeping up with the cleaning and not having enough hours in the day and the fact that you NEEDED your COFFEE!!! Things haven't changed too much then! Congratulations on your rubber stamps. How wonderful! I would love to be able to do something like that. I still blog. I haven't really got into twitter or facebook. I think blogging keeps me busy enough for the time being. Take care and lots of love to you and your family. x

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