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TJ Lubrano

Oooh good to see you again :D!

I can't wait to see all the goodies in your Etsy shop! Your characters are unique and refreshing. I love them! I'm working on a Etsy goodies myself, but not so sure when they'll be up though haha.

Your little girl is so adorable! Loooove the dress and her pose! Both your kids are adorable!

Take care Xxx

Melissa G

I think Bill Cosby said it best — Kids say the darndest things.
The spideys are pretty cool. I'd want to be Spider-Girl too. One of the most amazing night dreams I've had was web spinning my way through the air in the city. Dreams of flying are the best. But I digress, just a bit.
By the way, your artwork is coming along quite nicely. Seeing some lovely developments.

Beth @ Stoney Creek

Congrats on your new shop! I think your paper dolls are great, I love the one in the purple dress with branches!

Will any of your dolls be of the sort that can actually be "played with"? I think that would be a great vintage toy to bring back. I loved playing with paper dolls, adding different clothes & such! I haven't thought about that in a long time, I think Eva would enjoy them when she gets older.

Your kids are super cute!

I'm doing a little re-arranging on Etsy myself. Doing away with the Eva Mae Shop, never really took off. I'll put everything in the Merc & save money on re-listing!


Four!!!!!!!!!!! Holy Cow! Isabella is gonna be 4????? When in the heck did that happen? can't wait to see all the new etsy goodies:)

Juan manuel

Love these new illos! all are fantastic!
love the purple dress girl

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