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Ellia, I am really sorry this has happened to you. Even baby Gwen, who was sitting on my lap when I read this entry, started to cry. I am shaking my fist from across the globe.

As someone who is inspired by your bright, creative work, I could not imagine doing what this person has so obviously ripped off. What this chick has done is by no means an 'oops', and you are within your rights to be pissed. :(

But on another note I kind of hope you still keep a blog, even if just for other stuff. :)


Again?!?! This has happened AGAIN? This makes me so upset for you. You're mega talented and I hate that you're getting ripped off over & over. (((((hugs)))))


I'm so sorry that this has happened again. They say that imitation is the best form of flattery but, this is just abusive!


some people have no soul....


You are going to have to start watermarking all the photos of your art that you post here. Make is go straight across the middle. That way you can still show us but no one can use it without GREENBEANBABY splashed across it.


I mean in a way that it cannot be taken off. Can you do that? She has a lot of nerve not to at least take it down.


i think you are right to be mad!

Heather T.

The comment by ~acraft was excellent. I am surprised that DeviantArt hasn't done something. I would have thought that such a major art sharing sight would be more up on things. Personally, I don't create art like you do but I do share all my photos on Flickr and this incident and others are making me want to come off the grid almost entirely. I'm debating shutting down my personal blog and my Flickr site. I already deleted my myspace and my facebook accounts. I suspect I'll soon be deleting all the accounts I have anywhere in an effort to remain me and only me and not have anyone steal me!

mimi k

Your work is fantastic and people love it. You might take this further theft as a sign that there is a clear market for your work and YOU should be the one making the big bucks from it. It seems like it would be very license-able... not that I really know anything about that. Use to anger to get motivated to send out your work to licensers! Just trying to find a positive side :-)

Vickie aka Xenakiddle

Elia, you are an amazing artist and you need to get interviewed on this by a television station. This is a HUGE problem. I say call your local station and see if they can do a spot on you and this "NEW" problem of internet theft and what has happened to you.
You are an ARTIST. I LOVE your work. I would recognize it anywhere and for someone to steal your designs and make money off of it, HAS to be a CRIME.
I'd start calling around. You need to market yourself so that your name becomes known and find out the law and put it into action.

Vickie aka Xenakiddle

OH my LORD, Elia, they have over 3300 downloads of this and you KNOW it is because of your fantastic style of this girl leaning on the cup.
I really believe you are going to have to find a good lawyer at this point. There MUST be rights and you have damages now too!

Kristen Mary

I agree that this is the time to get a lawyer if you can possibly afford one. There has to be some kind of resource for this even if it isn't a lawyer. In order to be successful you need to keep up a blog, and keep up your internet presence. (Plus, you can't let them win!) Keep in mind that at a very base level the fact that people are stealing your work because it is wonderful. But once you have a specific way to respond to people like this you will feel better, and more in control. In Minneapolis there is an organization called "Women Venture" http://www.womenventure.org/ They are a resource for people like you who are trying to succeed at a business on their own. Is there anything like that in Milwaukee? Women Venture has a resource guide so that you could find a lawyer locally that might specialize in creative careers and would be more apt to charge a smaller amount of money. Good luck!


Oh Ellia. I'm just so sorry this has happenned again. I think watermarking your images might be a good way to start but it won't stop people like the last girl who reproduced your work. I have nothing useful to suggest apart from maybe getting some legal advice to help you decide the best course of action. Best of luck.
Hugs X X


It's just ridiculous!

I reported it to DeviantArt and they sent me a message that they took it down and notified the person that uploaded it.

Still, some damage was done with all the free downloads some people got. I too think a watermark is in order.


Argh! This is getting beyond ridiculous! Why don't these people make their own artwork. I think maybe you need to get some legal advice because it seems like it's starting to go beyond people just taking your images. This really sux and I hate that it keeps on happening to you!! *Hugs*


I see that person took down the art already? The link doesn't work anymore.

NEVER shut down, Ellia. By doing so you're kind of like giving up and giving these copycats full rein to your work. YOU SHOULD SUBMIT THIS TO: http://youthoughtwewouldntnotice.com/blog3/

It's a blog dedicated to exposing art theft. It gets lot of traffic so the least you can do (without a lawyer) is shame and expose the thief to thousands of people.

It's actually a very good and entertaining site if only because you will NOT believe the audacity of the people who so blatantly steal other peoples' work. RARRRRR!!!


Ellia...wow, sucky. I think the watermark thing is the way to go too. Just upload all your photos into Picnik and simply splatter a watermark across the front and voila! Good luck. I can't even imagine how mad you must be.


OH THAT STINKS!!!! I'm so sorry it's happened again... Makes me afraid to post art and mine's not as cute as yours!! I don't blame you for being mad. It's nice that they like your art, but stealing is stealing. Sorry chica...



I feel so bad for you that this keeps happening, it's just downright dishonest. I believe in Karma, they will get theirs.


Ugggghhhhh...I am soooo upset for you. :( I love your art and wish people just wouldn't take advantage in this manner. Hugs to you!


I'm sorry for this
In fact, I found this wonderful wonderful wonderful ^^ work of you in Web site and the owner of the site told me he do not know the real owner of this illustration work ..
I'm soooooooooo sorry ,,
Believe me, I never wanted this to happen .. I Apologies to you

I hope this is ok with you I post my apologies to you
over here


Dark Child Design

Hi Greenbeanbaby,
I have been reading your blog for a number of months now and realized you have been ripped off quite a bit. Your art is quite orginal (lovely by far) so here is an great - fantastic - wonderful idea. It has worked for me in the past and now the only rip off artist or immitators are outside the US. Get in touch with the graphic artist guild, they have a group of lawyer type that work for people like us (the creative types) they will set you up with a local lawyer that easily send email notices to sites, people, companies telling them they are violating you. They will also litigate on your behalf if necessary. I got a great lawyer who traded services with me for that service. Ie: I did his stationery and every once in a while he sends me work.

You can also do the same thing by contacting lawyers in your area and see if one will represent you in any matter. Most of the times the law clerks they have will email any offender and sometimes they even get payment - contracts for you. Got a great one from Microsoft in the same deal, they used one of my designs and my lawyer actually saw it at an event (ops) he pointed it out and they paid me.

There is hope for orginal ideas used in public venues. So take hope and give it a great big kick. Try my idea.

Keep on creating, We love it, God Loves It and this World needs it.
Dark Child Designs
darkchilddesigns@rocketon.net (site coming soon)

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