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This very post is one if those things that mean to me what your package and comments mean to you. Love ya girl. Here's to a better week!


Its something how life can balance itself out in what we all need.Great post Ellia‚ô•
Love you


Really great post Ellia! I'm glad comments and compliments make you feel good. Your artwork is simply amazing!! And can't wait to see what lovelies that will be available. I hope your week is going good or better xx


That was a rather thoughtful piece. Thank you for sharing.

Completely off topic, I was just thinking that your cute characters would make wonderful decals for kids bedrooms. You know the kind that can be applied to the wall then moved around again.


Hey! I'm glad that it took me longer than I'd anticipated to send you that package Ellia, looks like fate intervened and it came at just the right time! xx


Well said Ellia! The cut paper embellishments are adorable. Your work has really developed over the last couple of years. I wish I had your strength of character to be as organised and productive as you are. I hope all is well in your world and if not I hope that it soon rights itself. x


DECALS!!! Awesome idea!! I would totally put the batboys over J's crib!


Hi Ellia! Lovely post! These illustrations are so beautiful and adorable. I love how they form a pattern when they're laid out. I have an idea for you...Before you sell out of them (and I'm sure you will!), maybe you should take a really nice photo of them and make a continuous pattern in Photoshop or Illustrator. Then you should upload it to Spoonflower and get some fabric made! When I saw the Alice pattern, I just about peed myself and thought how it would make the most amazing fabric for pajamas. Have you thought about doing textile design before? Your illustrations would be perfect for it. xoxo, Kim :)


Well said. I hope you are having a better week. You are a great artist. I love Kim's idea about textile design. Oh, I can picture the fabrics with your amazing illustrations!

Kim in UK

Bless you Ellia, it certainly is wonderful to get compliments! and you definitely deserve them, your art work is so detailed and intricate an amzing talent. Love seeing your works of art. Ooh love the idea of fabrics too!
Noticed the header on this blog... http://papercrafterthoughts.blogspot.com/...

Hope you are well, I've probably missed the best fairytale sale ever!!! hopefully there might be something left for me! HuGs Kim :)

Christy Croll (Tiddly Inks)

Hi, This is my first visit to your blog and I wanted to say that I love your style and cute, cute little ones. Your kids are also adorable (I have spent a nice 30 min browsing your posts LOL). I hope your rubber stamps go over well and that you have continued success with your illustrations. I definitely think you should pursue an agent or publisher. You have a terrific set of characters. :)

I was especially hit by this blog post. It rings very true for me at the moment and I completely emphathize....I hope all improves for you in the coming weeks. :)

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