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Does it double? I am trying to buy four, well, five with the free one. But if it doubles, I wanted to grab an extra for my niece. I'm trying to get two of Ali, two of Leia, and one of Nariko. I might add another. I can't get the shopping cart to work.


Oh, my! Even me posting on your blog died down! Well, I hope Mr. Diego enjoyed his birthday to the fullest which I am sure you ensured he did. Hope you all had a wonderful family filled week since Ramel was home from work. The rubber stamps look amazing as do your health illos and your online portfolios. People are retarded and I feel like they are personally doing something wrong to ME when they steal YOUR work. I mean, first of all I literally want to beat these people up. Secondly what would I do without your blog posts, facebook updates, or chances to preview art I will want to buy?!?! And then what's up with people not getting why it bothers you? It's WRONG! Lastly, how sweet are you? I swear it's too much. It's such a gift to have you for a friend and in my life. You're amazing with everything you do. And I support everything you feel. Besos!!


Hello Ellia ... it's been a looooooooooooong time ;o) And it seems that there's lots & lots happening & going on with almost everyone I know. These are definitely exciting times!
Your sale offer sounds just lovely. So of course, I'll hop over to your Etsy and check out your goodies ;o)

Get this: after quite some time in vacation mode, my Etsy shop is open again - yay! Some familiar items, some lovely new goodies and lots more in the making and to be added by and by.
I've also started working on gemstone earrings earlier this year. Yep, time to prepare for the holiday season ... the X-mas fairs are approaching fast, you know ;o)

I'm excited to hear and/ or keep reading your latest and I'm certainly looking forward to your announced shop update. Sending big, big happy rainbow hugs your way for a gorgeous day with your gorgeous family!! Much love, Nicky

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