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Ellia, wishing you and your loved ones a gorgeous, bright, radiant, happy and wonder-full new year!!! Thanks for showing some "Hearts---Nicky-Handmade-With-Love" here on your blog ;o)) Hope all of you had wonderful holidays and I'm wishing you a beautiful time in the new & happy Greenbean family residence! Much Love and Rainbow Hugs & Kisses, Nicky


Howdy, girl! Glad to see all your loot--looks like you made out like a bandit.

Hey, that's USSSS!!! Don't the 4 of us look smashing?!? ;-)

So, our cable/net is officially down--we checked this morning... sniff sniff. It was a very quiet morning without the news blaring on the tv. Anyhoo... I hope you guys are having a good 2nd day of 2009. The pictures of Isabella and Diego sleeping are adorable.

Staying late at work to check the net. My boss is like, "why aren't you leaving already?!?"

Have a GREAT weekend, and I'll look for you on IM next week. lots of hugs...


Glad the move is over and you're getting settled in. Just ordered buttons from your mom's shop. Now I have a source for cool buttons because we don't have any place here that really sells vintage buttons. Get some rest and hope Isabella gets to feeling better.


Happy New Year! Your new place looks really cool! Best of luck getting settled!


Happy New Year! Although it is a few days into it now =) That's so cute and awesome that you mum has a shop. I will definitely check it out. It's always so much fun to receive mail isn't it! I do hope Isabella gets better and feels better soon. Mwa xox

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