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I love that Bella helps you vote and rake. I love that Diego is your new kitchen helper. I love that book you made for little Carter. And I love that Ramel got into Game Informer, too! Besos.


Cute pics of the kids! And congrats to Ramel on the illustration!


Great pics. You guys have such a beautiful family. Congrats to Ramel on the GI illustration! Wish I coulda been there for the cookies:D


busy family life!! cute cute pics!!
well done to your man, Ramel...way to go!!
im so happy with the american election result - you did good people!!!
I finally opened my etsy Ellia, thanks for your tips and advice and inspiration!! big hugs!!


Whee! Such cute pics. Those truffles look yum! And well done to Ramel and his illustration! Awesome work!
That little illustration is so cute. What a wonderful thing for him!
Also thanks again for the cute magnets and all the extras you got me! So sweet of you! I would like to get one of those magnetic boards so I can use them for it =)
I'm glad you liked the note cards. I have a ton of new ideas that I hope to start doing soon. Oh and my list. Lol I keep on making new ones but I hope to stick to this one.



Thanks so much for your comment on my illustration Ellia. It means a lot, coming from someone as talented as yourself. And thanks for your comment about my dolls. It would be a pleasure for me to make one for Isabella (as a gift only), but I couldn't promise you just when, but I would love to add it to my list of things to make. Big hugs xx


That book you created is very touching. I like how you illustrated each task. :)

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