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cindy k

welcome back! i enjoyed reading about the history of ellia & the greeting card ;)! your work always makes me smile and would be perfect for greeting cards.


glad you're back!


You sound refreshed! I am loving your greeting card revamps, by the way. They're completely charming :).

Lis Garrett

Your new creations are gorgeous! I would buy boxes and boxes of your cards . . .


What a world of cute. I especially love the little blonde awesome girl.


You are back! I am super glad to see an update and I LOVE the first pic of little miss Rainbow Brite! It makes the fact that I am officially a week overdue not suck so much!


Your revamped cards are so much lovelier than the vintage ones! Your charming characters and composition are wonderful!!! I'm happy that your first passion has been revived. You will do well in this and all things! I just know!!

judy hartman

So glad you are back to posting, Ellia!
This description of your love of vintage greeting cards is interesting, and I love your newer renditions!! It makes such a difference to be doing something you have a real passion for!!! You have tons of talent and should do very well!!!


couldn't e-mail you, the e-mail link doesn't work. If you don't mind I'll send you a clippie for Isabella for you could try out. I create them with with a velcro strip or with velvet ribbon so most likely they will grip and stay on. I also have ponytail hair ties that I use on my Daniela. So let me know. By the way I remember duck hut and I would also stand 2 inches away from the screen. I suck at all video games! Good Luck in Halo 3!


Hi Ellia it's great to see you back, I can't beleive it's been two weeks already, I love your story of your dream and think your creations are beautiful and I wish you could create for less cost I know plenty of people have asked me to do that and it is close to impossible!
Your interpretations are great and doesn't copy the original, but like Clive Stevens http://www.clivestevenssculpture.com/cards.htm I think you could copy and print your finished creations they will look just as stunning! Have a great time creating will catch up soon! Glad Diego is having a good time at school, my four year old is enjoying himself too! I bet your enjoying your time with Isabella!


Hi Ellia I want you to know that all your art work is awesome.I am so glad you still like to get vintage and new cards from me cause I will be doing this ,until who knows!!!! Keep up the art work♥
Love Mom♥


i love old cards! & i love your idea of revamping them with your own characters. they have such personality! good luck with this... :)


I enjoyed reading the history of your passion for greeting cards. It seems like it is coming full circle. Yay for You! Isnt it funny how your parents really do influence/inspire you? psst...I see a cute vintage bday party invite in that group of cuteness(~~)Julie


Beautiful! What a great story to share with us:) I agree with Kim - what about copying your originals???? I would definitely buy some and it would not be so time consuming and expensive for you????

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