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A day broken up can just show you how time is used, I have a similar routine with my two! Enjoy yourself! Kim x

cindy k

who can blame you for being tired, that's a busy day!


i loved when my kids were young and my days were so routine. it seems i got more done most days, maybe because i had to squeeze "my time" in. enjoy!


What a perfect way to divide your time. I am finally caught up now, too! Have a fabulous weekend, hun!


hey, Ellia, I gave you (and your swell idea) a little shout out on the old bloggo. Hope you don't mind :)


You seem to have a packed day yet you are able to balance everything well. Oh and I loved all your illustrations before. Gorgeous! I loved the way you had presented your last post =)


your designs are so great!!!!!

judy hartman

Ellia, Thanks for your comment on my blog. A compliment from you on my work means a LOT!!! :-)

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