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I can see you have been extremely busy Ellia. Enjoy your break. Enjoy reshuffling your papers to make way for the new stock! I love your hairstyle. Your hair is so glossy!!!

cindy k

enjoy your blog break, although it looks as though you're going to be very busy. i love your haircut and you look awfully pretty for someone who is tired ;)!


Girl, take your rest. You are a busy Mama. This baby isn't going anywhere soon. Thank you for thinking of me. I will be thinking of all the amazing time you and the family will spend together. Enjoy!


Definitely kick up your heels and take a break! :)


I hope you really enjoy your well deserved break and of course we'll be back to see you in two weeks! Please forgive me I never got to send Diego his card! My little boy is starting school next week too and so it will be just me & my baby daughter! Good luck ad have lots of fun! HuGs Kim :)

Ramel Hill

Make you vote for ellia at http://gamersdigart.wordpress.com/2008/09/01/second-contest-results/ she needs the support! I would vote...but it's my contest!

judy hartman

Have a nice rest. We'll be here when you get back. What a beautiful picture of you!!


Take a rest and see you soon hahahahahaha
Love Mom


Have a good rest, Ellia. You look lovely in your pic, though. :)


hope you are very busy relaxing and anjoying life.


ENJOY your break, you sweet beautiful little mama:):) LOVE YOU!

PaperGirl Productions

Hey! Thanks for visiting my blog :)
Its Belle! I just came back from your flickr photostream and wow, you have been busy!! Your work is looking gorgeous as usual!! Have a great rest!


Beautiful work!!! Get lots of rest and lots of playtime in with darling daughter!! How exciting to send things off to a publisher! I so love the duel of the games illustration...it reminds me of my teenager and pre-teen arguing before school. LOL!


Awww. All your work is so adorable! Hope your break is refreshing.


Love your illustrations, your work is FAB!
enjoy the break
jakey xx


I'm sorry I've not been here in so long! Congrats to Diego for beginning school! What a big boy!!! And look at sweet Isabela. What a doll!!! I am going to subscribe to a comment feed so that I get alerts from now on. I've missed so much, Ellia!! Glad to hear you are sending art to publishers too. You are the BEST!!!!!
OH, and that haircut is ADORABLE!!!!!
You must be turnin' heads as you walk down the street
because you sure turned mine when I looked at your pictured!

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