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Elia those are absolutely beautiful. I love the angels and cupcakes. And you are SO cute naming them after your blog friends. You're handling this whole mess really well and I am so proud of you. Keep it up mama!

Julie K in Taiwan

Too cute! Although, I think if they were really from my garden, they'd look a lot more wilted ;) Cheers!


So cute. I really like the cupcakes. :)


That is such a great idea to name the items after blog and flickr friends. They are all really cute and fun - just like you!


aww Ellia they are soo cute!! And I feel so privileged to be named after the roses. Thanks so much! You are so sweet! I do hope everything is going well for you xox


Way to go Pilly!!!

Kim F.

These are adorable! I have my eye on those cupcakes!


Awww Ellia thank you for including me in ur wonderful art! To think of you sweating in 90 degree air makes me feel sad for you. ***sending you air conditioning ur way***~~~~

I have to mark my calendar for July 18! This is an absolute cute idea!!!!!!


Love the angels! They're just adorable with their big hair! Very cute!

judy hartman

Hugs back to you, Ellia!!!
As soon as I opened your blog page I started to laugh! Your ideas are just too adorable. Wish I could mail you an air conditioner!!!!
The angels and cupcakes are my favorites!! You are so talented!!!! Thank you for kind comments on my blog!
Many hugs,

Angelique (joinera)


Thank you for naming something after Janae. You are so sweet. Now I am going to have to tell her. Maybe I won't she is already a big enough DIVA.

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