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Poor little Diego having to go in for surgery. I bet you will miss him like crazy like his dad and Isabella too! At least has has lots of lovely things to look forward too once he comes out! I can't wait to receive my etsy goods from you!

Yaritza Madera

Hi Ellia,

So good to see you around! congrats in your recent work with etsy shop, everything is adorable!:)

Your kids are so grown up, incredible, Enrique is turnig 1 this sunday and I just cant believe he has 8 teeth!


See you around

judy hartman

What a creative couple, and how beautiful your children are!!
Bless you all!

Ramel Hill

Awesome post sweets! Yeah...you do a lot and I appreciate all of it. I know you don't post some of the struggles we endure as a couple... but I love you for all that you do and for keeping the house hold together while I am at work! We are a good team and I can't wait to do collaboration with you on some projects! We'll talk this weekend!! my studio or yours!

Lis Garrett

First of all, I *love* Diego's haircut! Super cute!!

Happy early birthday to him, and I hope the surgery goes well. :-)

Isabella and Bridget sound so much alike - strongwilled and hot-headed! Although it makes me laugh, I certainly understand how frustrating it can be . . .

Ramel's drawing is AWESOME! You two are one AMAZINE couple!!


Hey Ellia!

Did you cut your hair?? It looks different! Your girl is just the cutest! That last picture of Diego and Isabella is so sweet! :)


I just got a star punch to use like your flower one so I wouldn't have to handcut them for my daughter (or me) for her collages! Hope Diego's surgery goes well. Your kids are the cutest!


It's been a while since I caught up with the green household and it looks like lots going on, cngrats on your shop and your items look fantastic as always! I missed your birthday so, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, and well done to Ramel and showing us his super talent too! great to see such a wonderful creative couple as you two! you're an inspiration to the world!

Well I hope diego's surgery goes well with no hiccups of any kind! I hope he recovers even better with all the goodies you have for him and I would love to send him a card, would it be possible to send me your addy?

Isabella is a real cutie and my little girl is teething a bit too! SO hard to see the pain and helplessness you feel as mum!

Catch up soon Big HuGs to you all, Kim x

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