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Ohh Ellia! *hugs* I think you are doing an amazing job to be able to be a mum, a wife, an artist and everything else in between. We all have days and times when we feel so overwhelmed by life and all that happens.

I do hope everything with paypal works out as what happened is so stressful. I am looking forward to your Etsy restocking though. I'm looking at the young princess leia. I love her!

By the way I'm having another blog giveaway =) Just a little one *hugs*


We eagerly await pumpkin! Deep breaths and try not to let it get IN there, you know? Things work themselves out. By the way, speaking of your fabulous talents, my mother wanted me to ask you about updating her beloved piece. Since there is now a baby Ethan, she would like him included/ Let me know your thoughts on this. Should I just commission a whole new piece from you? Are elements of the piece salvageable (Mario and Sadie?)? I honestly don't have a clue but she REALLY loves her Abi's Ninos Lindos and just wants baby Ethan in there. Let me know your thoughts. Drop me an email.



I have just had a peek over at flickr and noticed fairy Simone magnets! How wonderful!!!


Oh MY! Those cherries ARE the best!! tee-hee

I'm REALLY enjoying your magnets; they're simply ADORABLE! :)

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