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He's such a good kid. I'm so glad everything turned out well.


Poor fella, how sweet! Glad all is well and everyone is home now.


Awww, poor kid! My heart goes out to him, sending him lots of get well wishes :(
Get well soon, Diego!


aww my sweet Diego boy!! I am so glad everything went well and that it was only 15 minutes for the operation.Lots of love to the whole family- MOM♥♥♥♥♥♥

cindy k

he is such a trooper. so glad you ALL made it through ok. phew!

Kristen Mary

Oh my gosh, you all did so well!!! Ellia it must have been so hard for you. I remember one day when I had to get my own blood drawn at the doctor's office and a little girl was in front of me with her mom and she cried so hard I burst into tears and had to run to the bathroom and wait until she was done. It was so sad and I didn't even know her!! I hope that I can be more brave when Ronán needs me. You did great and I hope that Diego recovers fast. Isabella is so sweet to give him kisses, you have such a loving family!


Oh Ellia my heart goes out to you. I have tears in my eyes whilst thinking about poor Diego. It must have been frightening for him but thank goodness that the surgery was quick. Tell him from me that I think he is a big brave boy - a big brave superhero! Lots of love to you and the rest of the Hill household. x


Bless his little heart--and throat, too! Such a brave little man! And hugs to Isabella for those sweet kisses.

Hope you all get some restorative sleep tonight and that Diego heals extra quickly with all that wonderful love around him.

judy hartman

So glad to hear that all went well with Diego's surgery! Wishing him a quick recovery! He's a lucky boy to have such a caring mom and loving family.


i'm so glad he did well and is home now-take care!


AWW poor Diego ( and mom, dad, and isabella) glad he came through fine. I bet he will come around quickly to the ice cream!!! I am sure Isabella is enjoying her share:p

Sounds like you were brave too ellia! I am afraid I would not be able to hold back my tears!
Julie (~~)


So glad everything went well. That had to have been so hard as a parent to deal with. You all hang in there and give that handsome boy lots of hugs and kisses.

li li

get well soon, diego!! hugs and kisses to you and family!!


ellia, that last pic just kills me. their expressions are oh so familiar :). The boys and I have been collecting things for Diego and will try to get them out this weekend. We have been going balls to the wall all week...my in-laws are very go, go, go type people so we go, go, go when they are in town and then we go, go, go into comas for days after they've headed home :).

Feel better soon, little man. And little sister, take good care of big brother!


awww what a sweet entry. i hope diego gets well soon! your family is so sweet and adorable! :D *hugs*


so good to hear it all went well!! big cuddles to your little man...havent the kids grown so much!!?


So glad that the surgery went well!!! Give that sweet boy a hug from me!


Once again, I have to say that you have such a beautiful family. I hope Diego is recovering quickly!


Does Diego like popsicles because I found those to be soothing after I had my tonsils out! Hope he's feeling better soon!

Lis Garrett

Eeks! I am so totally bawling!!

I remember when my nephew had the same surgery, and he reacted much the same way. How very tough for little people to fall asleep and then wake up in pain and in a strange environment.

But . . . I'm glad to hear eveyone is on the mend. :-)

Jen b

poor diego! he is a much braver boy than me. i got my tonsils out 2 years ago and man oh man was it painful. don't be surprise if his recovery takes a little longer than 2 weeks. i'm sure it is much worse as an adult but it took me quite a while to feel like my old self. much love to you and the brave boy.


Glad to hear the excelleent news!!


So glad that Diego's surgery went well. Praying for his speedy recovery to 100% good health.


i stumbled on to this post and am so glad to hear your story. my 2.5 year old son will be getting this surgery done in the next few weeks. i hope your little guy is breathing better and healing quickly. best of luck to you and your family. you art is amazing by the way! i'll be checking out your etsy for sure!

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