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I am a big fan of Mimi's too! I am the proud owner of one of Mimi's fabric postcards. I am also a fan of Ellia Hill who does the most amazing cut paper illustrations!!!!!!!! I am sure Mimi will be delighted with her book.

cindy k

that book is absolutely fantastic!! you are so talented. mimi's very lucky.


I love EVERY illustration in that book! Especially the sew and garden one!
If you ever take custom orders (in your SPARE time-- HA!) please let me know! I'd love those two illustrations for myself. :) (Minus the "Mimi" of course!)

GREAT work, as usual!!

Root & Sprout


I am so impressed!! Your work never ceases to amaze me!! I'm totally hiring you to illustrate my WIP book! ;-)

(BTW - it's ME, Lis Garrett)


Great job supergirl!

mimi k

It looks so beautiful! And you got everything right- travel, gardening and all. You could have done a page, Mimi likes her stuff and made a very MESSY page! I am so happy that the project is back on track. I received Kristen's book yesterday from Theresa. I am so excited to see the book in person :-)

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