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Yep life with children is a life that is FULL.Isabella is something, and I like the way Victor described her crying,like a trumpet hahahaha
I think Diego is a awesome brother and its looks like they both will be close:)


Fantastic entry!

I feel sorry for you and am glad it's not me! I had chicken pox numerous times in my life. Each time, it would be several here or there, nothing huge or bad. Sometimes it goes almost unnoticed it is so mild.

Best of luck, sister! You need it in the day ahead!


Awww! I hope they both feel better. It is so tough to keep two happy when they are uncomfortable. I am sending Wonder Mommy vibes, and Speedy Recovery vibes to all of you.


It is going to be impossible for you to keep them apart, good luck with that! My son caught them off his sister and only had one spot on his rear! He was lucky. Meant to say before....how amazing that she is walking already.


Poor, sweet little Isabella. And Diego looks so handsome in his picture.


Awww, that picture breaks my heart. Teething is so miserable.


I think you need more than a POT of coffee - try an IV drip!! Good luck!

Simone Whipp

I hope that Isabella and Diego are feeling better soon. How many pots of coffee have you got through so far?!


Your children are soooooo beautiful!!!!


Hi Ellia, long time right? I know. Your kids look so grown up. they Diego is getting so handsome. ahh and the baby what can I say she is also so adorable. I am sorry I have not e-mailed you about the cookbook. I will e-mail you and fill you in of what's been happening over at this end. God Bless.


You have the cutest kids! I can't believe how grown Diego looks.. Walter is too.. it's crazy. When did they grow up? Walter tells me he's not a baby - he's a big guy now. Hope the chicken pox went away fast and Bella's teeth pop through!

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