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I'm so glad CRAFT posted this in their blog - these tips will be incredibly helpful when I finally start my etsy site! =D They're really nice, thanks for posting this!

Also, I love your work! I'm going to go explore more of it, now that I'm on your site! hee hee


great article, thanks so much! :) I'll be posting a link in my blog to this to help other people out :D

Patty VanHuis-Cox

That was great information! Thanks for sharing!


Wow, this was a great read for me! I am new to the world of illustration and had heard of Illustration Friday, but have never known what it was. Thanks for the information and I can't wait to look more into it!



What a interesting article, thanks for the good info.


Wow ! More great insightful information, i'll be coming back for more, especially if or when I get around to opening an Etsy store, thanks.


I've been wanting to get an Etsy store started but was intimidated by the whole thing. There are so many cool things from cool crafters there. After reading this, I'm thinking more seriously about starting one. Thanks so much!

Gil Nisleit

Thank you for taking the time to do this article. This helps.


wonderful info
thanks a lot



This was very helpful! Thank you for taking the time to write it.

I immediately signed up on flickr to showcase some of the photos from my recently launched website: www.naked-jewelry.com as well as my new etsy site.

The world of online marketing is all new to me. I tried Google AdWords with very disappointing results. Does anyone have suggestions on advertising that works better?

(I think I will also try Melissa Garrett's blog as well)

I appreciate hearing from anyone with experience selling jewelry with online ads.




Thank you for the time you spent in posting this. I am some what new to this, and it is always great to find people who share their secrets to success. Your creations are awesome!


i totally agree with you. i have always put extras in my packages, a handwritten postcard or note and i wrap everything in coordinating tissue with a yarn bow, and it is one of the biggest comments i get back from them, that it made them feel special. i think a big part of getting things in the mail is opening them up.

great post! and your work is lovely, as i am sure you know, but can never hear enough!


Thank you for a most informative article, as a new etsian it appears I have a lot to learn and do.

Enzie Shahmiri


I appreciate your comments and after an unsuccessful run with Esty I am all charged up to give it another try. As a portrait artist, who relies solely on commissioned work it is tricky to sell the idea of owning a portrait, but you have given me ideas how I might approach it from a different angle.

Thanks for the inspiration!


Thank you for your great tips! They are very welcome when you are starting an Etsy shop. Now it's time to upload beautiful pics and sell my work online! Can't wait... :)
Thank you :)


I just posted about this on my blog :)


thank you so very much for these tips - common sense and illuminating ideas. very cool of you to share your advice - we will take it to heart. wish our little shop luck!


This is a great info. It really help for those ppl who want to sell their brand :). Thank you~!


Thank you so much for all of your advice!! I need all the help I can get for my new little etsy shop. I am trying to love it and watch it grow! :-)

Joey Ramone

Wow! Thank you for such an inspirational article, you've given me so many tips that I want to try out! All I need is lots more time now, hahaha! Don't you think that promoting your Etsy shop takes a lot of time, how do you get around that? I work part-time (for the moment, I should be going back to working full-time soon...) and it's so difficult to fit in both MAKING things and PROMOTING your shop too! Maybe that's a blog article for me when I've worked out a good system! hahaha!

Cheers so much for the article and have a lovely Sunday!
Joey :D


This is such great advice. Thanks.


Hey there, thanks so much for taking the time to do this. It's very appreicated, especially by us who are so green at this.


how kind of you to share the benefits of your experience like this - I have an etsy shop but haven't put anything in it yet, still trying to a) decide what and b) make some stuff...someday, someday...

but hints and tips like this all help with the motivation factor


This is all good stuff and not overwhelming either. The advice is very doable and reasonable. I think you are right on about variety, flexible pricing and packaging. Good point about announcing new stuff prior to 'stocking'. I've made a mental note of this! Good luck with your shop, the illustrations are great.


I found this thru a Storque article. This is awesome advice. I'm bookmarking this right now.


Thanks for taking the time to post this!! Great tips... and encouragement!


Thanks for all of the tips! I have a new etsy shop. I'll have to put some of these ideas into practice.

Michelle at Scribbit

Great advice and the fact that you quoted Melissa who's a favorite of mine just makes it better.

Gina Matarazzo

Thanks for the tips. These are great for new Etsy shop owners. I'm an illustrator too. I love your work. Cut paper is so cool. I've been trying to license my illustrations for products for the past 3 years (with an agent and attending the Licensing Shows in NY) with little luck. So I'm hoping the Etsy thing will help prove that people will like my designs. Thanks again! - Gina

teal chic

This post has been so important to me. Thank you :)

Ah! La carte...

I so love this article! I couldn't resit to post about it on my blog. Thank you so much for such great advices! You Rules!


This is great information!
Thank you so much for sharing your ideas.


Thank you so much for taking the time to put this together! I haven't made my first sale yet, but I am not discouraged!!! I will definitely take advantage of your wonderful advice!!!


Great information and so well written. Thanks, too for the links!


Thanks for this post.

Johanna Draper

Wow! Thank you so much for this info. As an Etsy artist who is just getting started, I read every article I can find. I'm going to link this article to my blog http://etsytreasurechest.blogspot.com/ so my followers can read.

Thanks again,


Thank you sooooo much for this helpful information!! :D


WOW this is very important information for people like me that is juts starting to sell at etsy! you opinions are very eye catching and they will eventually help much more esty seller !! thanks


my blog: http://zenovkascrafts.blogspot.com/

greenbeanbaby art

aw thank you so much daniela! i really hope the etsy post helped and i wish
you the best :)

happy creating and selling!!

On Thu, Sep 10, 2009 at 6:35 PM, wrote:


Thanks for these are great tips!


I needed to read this almost 22 months after you wrote it. Thanks - I have been looking for this information. Where have you been the last year or so?


Thanks so much for this. We joined etsy today so we are real newbies!


Thanks so much for this. We just joined etsy today so we are real newbies!


Thanks so much for this. We just joined etsy today so we are real newbies!


Thank you for sharing your advise with me. I am certain I will hold it with me for the entire time I sell and shop on Etsy.



I know I'm a bit late commenting on this, but thank you for sharing! I'm currently writing up a communications plan for my Etsy shop as a Master's Thesis and your advice is quite helpful!
- Paula

New Jordans

It's great to hear from you and see what you've been up to. This blog makes me realize the energy of words and pictures. Keep coming up with ideas.

Rerto Jordans

Your blog is perfect! Very good article gives a person see admire that has a kind of feeling! Xi xi you share!

Account Deleted

Thanks for the great article, Ellia:)

Being so, so new to Etsy, it instantly made me feel more at ease. Your style of writing is really lovely^^


Thak you very much for the advices, this will help me a lot in my Etsy shop!

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