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Ivey Handcrafted

What wonderful wonderful information. I really appreciate this and have added this to my favorite for future reference. XOXO!


You have offered a lot of good advice. Thanks for taking the time to share your 2-cents!


This was a great post! Thank you so much for taking the time to write this...it's really great to be able to get all this advice in one spot! It's a slow time of year...and this was a great reminder for me. xx Susy


Great ideas for self-promotion but if I could just add one comment to your # 8. If your item is something that can be damaged if exposed to water (nearly everything), consider placing the item in a plastic bag before packaging it. Do this especially before wrapping your item in colored tissue paper because those colors run and the post office is not always as careful as we would like them to be. You can suck the air out of the bag so it will not add anything to your shipping size and it shows your customers that you care about the quality of the product they receive.


Great post - I've been pretty successful on etsy but it's always good to read what others are doing to see how I can adjust and renew my efforts. Thanks for the post!

Karin Grow

Loved this article. I just started here a month ago and found the information to be very useful. Luckily, I do a lot of these tips already, so it's nice to know I'm on the right track. I love having my shop here on Etsy. It's so much more fun than the brick and mortar shop I own. If business picks up, maybe I can do this full time instead. Karin


Thanks so much for sharing your great ideas and blog with us. I am always looking for new ways to promote (my least favorite activity). This is a valuable resource.

Karin Grow

oops, type-o in my URL . Karin Grow


I have finally decided to open an etsy store to sell my art prints. Now that I read your article, I am super excited and inspired to really focus on it. Thanks for the advice! :)


Thank you for this post! It does get frustrating at times and you forget it is like any other business. I am so glad you wrote about Flickr, because I just erased my links that were on all my pictures. I read another blog tonight saying she just got in trouble for links. So you have now brightened my day by letting me know I can put links in my profile. Yeah!


Much needed stuff that needs to be mentioned. I'm still working on my perfumery blog, but I am putting quite a bit of investment in an alternate blog that is friendly to indie plus size fashion: http://fatchic.dianarajchel.com

Blogging is pretty simple once you catch on, but it does take some commitment!


Thank you so much for your great tips and for your generosity in sharing them with us who are still learning. Your artwork is absolutely adorable!!!!


WOW, this is fantastic!! This is up and above the usual Etsy advice. I love it! Thanks so much for sharing.

Stacy Alexander

What a great article! Would you mind if I republished it on my art blog? There are a lot of artists out there who could really benefit from this information!

Thanks for the great advice and for your consideration!

Stacy Alexander


Nice post - thanks for the great info and new things I hadn't thought of :)


Hello Ellia,
I have found you via your friend Anastasia, and wanted to thank you for being so generous with your advice and tips on Etsy selling. I am about to set up an Etsy shop and your information is very much appreciated...thank you!


Great advice here! I especially like the part about not giving up!


Thanks for the info! Have been considering an Etsy shop, but have been intimidated to do so.


Thank you so much for taking the time to share your tips and opinions. There is certainly some advice I will put to good use! By the way, your illustrations are just beautiful, I'm looking forward to spring when your shop will be back up!


You are quite insiteful and inspiring, I greatly appreciate your pearls of wisdom. I am very much a shy lurker and rarely leave coments thanks for the shot of confidence.


thank you so much for this. I have been thinking about getting my shop up and running and this has given me the push I needed.
thanks again for the tips.


Thanks for all the advice!
I'll take it up right away: I'm offering a little giveaway in my shop
You only have to be the first to send me a convo about it.


Thank you thank you for this post. I've been tossing the idea of an Etsy shop around with my husband, and having these "insider tips" outlined for me really makes me feel like its possible. :)


Thankyou so much for the info Ellia. I launched my etsy late January and your words are so encouraging (especially point 10 about not giving up!) - very helpful! Thankyou so much again.
My etsy: http://www.pipnstuff.co.uk
PS Loooove your illustrations!!


I loved this article, it was just what I was looking for, my new Etsy shop needs a kick-start. Thank you so much for the advice. I'm gonna have me a sale right off.



Thanks for the great article!

Lisa Clarke

Thanks for the tips - lots of good stuff in there!

Ruby Re-Usable

Thanks for the tips! I have been making and sometimes selling art all my life, as well as teaching classes and workshops, blogging since July 2006 (Olympia Dumpster Divers), but only just started an Etsy shop and a flickr page this past January, so I really appreciate any suggestions on how to make a go of it. Other suggestions: persistence, perspiration, inspiration ... and a little luck! love, etc Ruby Re-Usable

Corinna LyonsRevello

Thank you so much for writing this article! I have an empty etsy shop and needed some insight. I haven't seen your shop, but will definitely be visiting it when you reopen.

my blog www.myscrapbooklife.com


great and helpful advise. Thanks for sharing.


Fantastic article! My older sister has been interested in doing this, but didn't know where to start. I will certainly be sending a link to your blog her way!



Thank you so much for the advice, I have already contacted Melissa Garrett and she awesome. Thank you again :)


Wow, thanks for the great tips! I have just created a shop after being fed up with eBay all the fees & recent changes. The good news is it has encouraged many of my fellow eBayers to set up shop too! Your blog is a definite help :)


Thank you Ellia for the great advice! I just opened the door to my shop a few days ago and your article has given me some great ideas and will hopefully help me in selling on etsy. Thank you so much for sharing!!


I stumbled across this link from Craftzine and must say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! I am in the process of getting a shop set up now (I'm in the crafting things to sell stage)! http://www.dayswithoutlines.etsy.com -- Stop by when things are up and running!

shalana (a.k.a the funky felter)

What a wonderful article! I feel that at this point I'm doing most of your suggested tips, but I do need to work on my blog. Thank you for the help :)

Robyn D

Your extremely generous and informative article came at just the right time. I commenced my shop, HotFudge, last month and after one immediate sale, was left wondering what I had done wrong. I read your piece over breakfast this morning and realise that I will have to work a little harder to improve my profile. Thank you so much for all your helpful tips.

Robyn Dixon

Erinn Johnson

I just decided to try and start selling my on etsy (clearpink). I am in the process of designing a site and am toying with the idea of doing a blog.
I just wanted to thank you for the information. I think that it will be very helpful.


hey a BIG thanks, i feeling quite low at the moment and needed this. also your work is great. love it

Julie B.

GREAT, GREAT advise! Thank you for the woderful suggestions. I am working on a new blog as we speak...cross your fingers!


Wow what fantabulous info! Thank You!
I am new to Etsy...so I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeedddd HELP!!!

Ilove your artwork, it is so cute!!very creative!!


Great information...thanks.


Excellent tutorial! I wish this information was a permanent fixture on Etsy, thanks!


Thank you for taking the time to write out this great advice - not only applicable to etsy shops, but craft businesses in general!


excellent advice, thankyou for sharing with us :)


Thanks for writing such an informative and helpful article, you rock and I love your etsy store.


Thank you so much for this article. It was reaffirming in a lot of ways as I am doing all the above *smiles* One thing I need to work on more is advertising -- I mean paying to advertise. I really appreciate that you took the time to put so much specific information in here.

Since I started listing on etsy, I make sure to update my blog nightly. I am going to consider your advice and update my blog just as frequently, but have possibly a weekly listing.

I think I may also take your advice and do some sort of promotion. I do have a mailing list and they ALWAYS get some sort of discount, but I am considering doing a promotion for those not on my list. I would have never thought to do that were it not for this article *smiles*

Thanks again! Sorry I am wordy!!

jes anthonis

thanks green bean!

Lis Garrett

Ellia! I have had about 1000 (and still counting) hits to my "Support Entrepreneurs" page over the last few days thanks to this article. WOW!!!


I too have found this information to be very helpful. Thanks so much for sharing what you know and good luck to all of you who have created a shop on Etsy!

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