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This is really great Ellia!! I am sure there are those that do appreciate the time you took to write this:)


wow!! oodles of great information...thanks for being so generous with your experience and advise!! it helps - greatly appreciated sweetie!

Heather Price

Thanks for all the great information! My shop is pretty new and I can use all the help I can get....



This was great! Thanks for all the time that you put into this:) I think that OMSH (www.ohmystinkinheck.com) offers FREE advertising on her blog!!


This is really good information thanks! I started off trying to see what other people were selling under the sold items. Then I tried to "fit in" with what other people were buying. I realized that the only way to succeed is yes to be yourself and make your own unique items that no one else will have. I think this is the most important tip!


Thank you so much for this very insightful post! All your experience and advice is much appreciated! Thank you for taking the time to write this - it's certainly given me a few things to think about!


Thanks Ellia - great information here. Thank you for taking the time to share with us. One day I'll find my niche craft product and get it out there, one day.....!


Amazing things! I can't believe you get so much done with too under-the-weather babies. You rock!


Great advice!! Thank you.


Fantastic post Ellia. Good sound advice, I'm on it!!


This is such great info, sometimes I do get discouraged. This post just gave me so much more knowledge and inspired me.

Simone Whipp

Very informative and useful information Ellia. I am looking forward to your shop opening again in the spring. Any chance of a peek at the spring collection before then? :-)


Hey! I'm actually doing some of those steps. Weee! I'll be successful in no time :)
Great list, Ellia.

Kristen Mary

I also found this post very encouraging. I do go a while without a sale but it takes me forever to get things made to post too. It is funny you mentioned advertising when you put several things in your shop at once because I'm a total sucker for that!! There are so many times that a crafter will announce that their shop will be restocked on such and such a day and I even put a note in my yahoo calendar so it alerts me right away on that day. (especially when you restock your shop!!) :-)


This is good advice, and will prove very helpful to me in the near future, Thank You.


I just loved this post, it's amazing how your advices can be so correct!! ;)
tkx sweetie for your kindness in charing these "secrets"!!


Thank you so much for writing this!!!! Very helpful! Fingers crossed for all of you (and myself!) who begin a Etsy store!!!!!


Thank you so much for sharing. I have an Etsy shop, but don't have anything up right now........you have inspired me, I need to get busy.


Thanks for the write up :) You are write about not getting replies, though thankfully I use my blog to remind me what I have been doing and have a few friends who check it as our scheduals don't match too much :)

Jen M

Very practical. The networking part is SO important, as crafty peeps are planet-wide these days. As an antipodian, I need to remember that Etsy is there for everyone... and get on to putting some things up for sale, waving a great big red flag.


Fantastic tips Ellia!


Thanks for this. My SIL and I are talking about opening an Etsy shop; this has been very helpful.

cindy k

thanks so much for the tips! i've been thinking about opening an etsy shop and this information is very helpful. best ... cindy


This post could not have come at a better time, I just registered my shop and am working hard to get some items listed! It is a bit daunting so I really appreciate your advice, it is great :)

Peg Grady

Thank you! Your article gave me the kick in the butt I desperately needed. Off to do some work on my shop...



these are some great tips! i'd heard about illustration friday, but i think i'm going to participate this week...thanks for the inspiration :)

Jane Hurst

Thank you for the great tips. I have been considering making my products also available on esty for quite a while but didn't know if it was worth the leap. Definitely! You will see me soon :-)



I just opened a Etsy shop and I am saving your post. Great hints! Thanks.

Amanda- Wildlifer78

Great write up! I'm taking some pointers with me!!

Heather Grow

Great ideas. I haven't started an etsy shop yet but I love all your ideas. Thanks for sharing your tips.

diane meriam

Great information! Thanks!
I've been selling on etsy for a year now...I shut down my shop for a month and now have it open again. I always value any little tips and tricks that others share...any insight helps...so THANK YOU!



Thank you for this article. It has reinforced some of the decisions I have already made, and reassured me to continue on and follow through with my good intentions.

Michelle Clement

Thanks for the tips!! I just started out and you've brough up some great things I never would've thought of! =) off to check out your shop ;) happy day!

Barbara Mathews

I loved your suggestions and am going to pur them in use. I am going to start a blog this week even tho i am not great with words.
Thanks for this info


i love your suggestions and plan on putting them to use right away. I am goint to start a blog this week even tho I am not very good with words


Such a great article ... I especially liked the tip about Illustration Fridays, that sounds so fun!


Thanks for all the great info. I love my blog almost as much as I enjoy creating so for me, there is a lot of overlap. Also, LOVE your cute stuff.

Cloud9 Design

Hi! Thanks so much for this wonderful info! I'm new to Etsy, and your advice is greatly appreciated! :0)


Sara McMartin

I really appreciate this informative article! Thanks.


Thanks for the great tips. Sorry to see your etsy shop is empty:(


Hello! I really appreciate this article on how to run a successful Etsy shop. I agree with your ideas on keeping a blog or having a flickr account as well as your ideas on adding extra touches to the items being sold. I have added a link to your article on my blog (http://mytutorlist.blogspot.com) Have a great day!


Thank you so much. Your tips are so helpful!


Thanks for the tidbits of information. I joined in December and listed 14 items so far and have not had any sales, but I am taking your advise by not giving up and trying some of your techniques.


wow! thank you so much for this valuable info, I've just opened my little shop, and I only have 3 items at the moment, but will keep listing and start advertising somehow! Much appreciated and ps. love your artwork!


Thanks for the helpful tips. I just opened an etsy shop so this has been insightful. So far I love the community involved with etsy and it is refreshing to see all the amazing talent out there.
Thanks again for the advice.


Thank you so much for this. Some great advice.

Laura Bucci

I've done no.9. I had a give away but since my blog was pretty new I let poppytalk know about it. They posted it on their blog and I had many visitors thanks to them. To participate I asked people to look at my bags and respond to my post and say which one they liked and why. This was a great way to get feedback and exposure.


Thank you for your inspiring article! It was a great read and it is certainly encouraging!

Chaos Into Art

This is great information! Thanks so much for taking the time to type it out for us!


Thanks, great advice! I just started my blog in January. Check it out: www.springchickdesigns.blogspot.com

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