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I'm keeping it!! I might print one out to my mum or so!! :)

I'm really thrilled to know that your ring finally arrived!! I guess I should warn the postoffice so that they don't keep saying it takes 7 days to get to the destination, cause it takes way longer!

I'm also real happy that you liked it and the bibs!!

I'm the one who should be thanking!! :)



Cool, Ellia! Thanks--this is much cuter than the backs of envelopes. lol

Melissa Garrett


I am sure to be the envy of all my fellow shoppers ;-)

Tanya Nichols

I love it I'm going to print it out for the kids to circle as they bake to replace everything! Do you mind if I alter it in photoshop the list aspect? We are gluten free here so some of the things on the list would be easy to replace with Gluten friendly foods


U R gr8 !! thanks for the shopping list.
give those sweet kiddos a kiss for me :D


You know what would be so cool to do? Print it on iron-on paper stuff and iron it onto a fabric bag!!!!

Jennifer O'Hara

Oh, you rock! This is adorable and such a help. :) I was just thinking I needed a 'standard' list.


You are the bomb digitty!! I always need motivation when I shop(born without a shopping gene) and I think this will be it. My white sheet is boring and this is so eye catching.



what a great idea!!


This is GREAT!!! What about laminating it and then being able to circle and cross things out with a dry erase marker?? Love it!


WOW! Congrats, Ellia. That's sooooo fantastic.


this is perfect! i was just talking to my bro about how Mom's pre-made list was so helpful... i'll be bringing this with me for SURE!

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