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I can't thank you enough for doing my invites!! I can't get over how great they are!!! I'm so excited to see it. Thanks Ellia for all your hard work.


Hi Ellia!
Well, I'm seeing that you had a goo week, great!!
And you slept!! Even more great!! =)
Well, I don't know what are starbucks =S but it should be a nice place to make handmade things!!
Wish you a very good weel ;)
xoxo from this friend not from ever but forever!!
Ester **

Kim F

I love your attention to detail. That bunny is so cute. I just love her.


that sounds like a good, productive weekend. Aren't husband's great when they realize you need some time to yourself.

li li

I see you had a great and fun weekend, Ellia! :D And crafting while you're at Starbucks?? Fantastic idea!! ^o^


Very cute! If I could just turn off the TV, I would be so much more productive. I think TV drains my creativity.


Glad your creative slump is over! What a jewel of a husband you have!


I call it baglady craftin'! You know when you bring your bag of crafts along to Mcdonalds, Burgerking, and to the park so you can get a chance to craft! Have a great and very productive week!!



Sounds like you took a little bit of everyone's advice and definitely overcame your creative block. I wanted to comment on something you wrote to me---while you may not feel like you are changing the world with what you do, you are making God smile for using the talents he gave you, and you are making the world a better place by making things that are so special and beautiful to see--there's room for everyone and there is a reason why we are here whether you are an activist, an actress, an artist, a dancer, writer, philanthropist, musician, teacher---it's not just the big things that change the world it's all the little things we do everyday including creating with our God given talents that make the world a better place.

hugs to you friend :) lucy

oh..ps..my hair fell out AND then got really curly after I had my kiddos..lol


oh what fun! love hearing about your days! the illo is beautiful...im in an uninspired rut at the moment - im feeling so overwhelmed and a little stressed....hate getting like this! hope it passes soon!


I'm glad you are enjoying yourself! And you have a great husband.

I am loving your little pictures. They are so sweet! xox


glad you got some rest! and a little tlc. :) adorable work as usual!

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