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Hang in there Ellia! You're a great mom with happy kids and they are lucky to have you. As are the rest of us who enjoy your talent!


I am sorry you are going through a rough patch Ellia. I am sure that things will sort themselves out for you. As you say, there are many good things in your life. Stay positive and keep your chin up. Sending you positive vibes from across the water :-)


Oh, I'm sorry. But you have great perspective in looking at the good. And it looks like you found a lot of good. Plus the fact that you really do have a beautiful family. :0)


It's probably not much comfort but....things will get better. Mothers are their own worst critics. If your children and hubby are happy and healthy you've won the biggest part of the battle. Good luck to you.


ahah just the title of this post make me burst out laughing... it remembers Bob Marley =P
anyway, good luck with everything Ellia, I really hope that every your problems get solved!!

li li

You'll recover in no time, Ellia and I bet kiddie will be gaining weight soon.....hang in there!


You'll have to always remember those kind of happy thoughts to hang in there, Elia!!

You had to go to the doctor... are you alright now?


Hey Ellia, I've not been around much but just wanted to say you are doing a great job! Congratulations for your anniversary xx


Aww you have a positive outlook on life which is great! And your have so many more pretty items. I think its gorgeous. And an early Happy anniversary greeting from me =) xox


i haven't been here in forever
(or anywhere blog-related for that matter)
and i cannot beleive how big isabella
is getting!
and diego is adorable as usual

and i hope that you are feeling better
and don't be too hard on yourself..
it will all come in it's own time

Diane Duda

So many of your "happy list" things are about your family which shows just what a good mom/wife/daughter your are!

My 17th (!) anniversary is on Saturday! It goes so fast, so enjoy!


I love your happy list! It really shows how great a mom you are :-) Makes me think about my own 'happy list' too.


Ellia, it happens to all of us, but everything always works out. So just keep your head up, and say "I can do this!" and then you will see everything will go back to normal once again. by the way what is up with that cookbook too cute. And when I saw that I laughed, because I wrote about making a cookbook myself! how funny is that.


Don't worry too much! The most difficult job in the world never came with an instruction manual anyway! ( at least mine didn't and on the 4th one, it is still trial and error:)...BTW...I decided to test the baby's unscented/aloe vera baby wipes on myself. MAN talk about a burn!!! I was surprised and just took the whole packet ran cold water over them and laid them back in the container. I purchased paper disposable washclothes instead and kept the wipes for the older kids.



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