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glad to have found your blog...beautiful children!

Doan Thuc

Do not stay up so late, it is not good for your heath. Take care.
Glad to see your new artistic works.

Kim (PaperBabe)

Hi Ellia, I love all of your work and enjoy your Blog it's wonderful. So i've nominated you for the Rockin Girl Blogger award, pop along to my blog for details.


love the artwork, happy anniversary, and a birthday, too! fun times over there. :0) Now go get some sleep because coffee won't do anythign but taste good when you've got so much onyour plate.


you are officially awarded a rockin' blogger girl award. check out my blog!

Great Dane Addict

I got my wall hangings!! They are so much cooler in person even! YOU ROCK!!!!!!!! I already have other Dane friend's who want your email address!!!!!


Hi Ellia!! I love your new wall hangings, great job!!
You should sleep a little bit more, pay attention, ok?? ;)
I wish a good anniversary and a happy birthday to Diego!!! =)


I'm in love with those wall hangings. They are too cute. I was by your etsy shop to see if you do custom ones, but didn't see any.

If you start doing them please let me know! I'll definitely be sending some orders your way!

Yvonne H.

I absolutely love your work !!!
I'm so glad I found you.

Yvonne H.

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