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Thanks for the true story and that names weren't changed to protect no one lol.Ellia this would make a story for real moms with real problems and are willing to share with others without being judged.


Hi Ellia!
I'm glad that you liked everything!! =)
Wish you the best in life!!
Xoxo to you,


OH my - I have had SO many of those days:):) My sister (mom to 7 kids - she is my hero) always tells me kids misbehave the most when they are the most comfortable - meaning they KNOW you will love them even if they misbehave. They don't have that same security at say, daycare, so they don't misbehave as much. Kinda sweet, but kinda sucky too cause moms get the brunt of it.

Melissa R. Garrett

Perhpas he was just tired afterall? When Jacob is acting out, I ask his straight away if he needs a snack and if he needs to rest. One or the other is always the culprit. But boy! I sure do know what you are talking about :-)


I'm with Melissa. Most of the time when MR. M acts up, it's because he's tired, even if he's only been up for a couple of hours. I also know that when he is acting that way, I'm not going anywhere with him until after he either eats, takes a nap or both.
But I can most definitely relate, especially since listening to Momma now means doing what you're told on the fifth time, not the first. Exasperating.


i like that photo of isabella with her bonnet. look slike you guys had fun!


You have beautiful children!


Aww I understand how you feel. I don't have kids but I have nephews! Your children are adorable =)
Oh and thanks for the email and comments. Thanks so much for them. I hope your well.


Its the real world so lets not hide it - behind all beautiful pictures that we post is an untold story that happened before those cute smiles appeared.

Isabella is beautiful!


Hi Ellia! Every child is different but I can relate to your day - my 3 year old can be jekyll & hyde too! I agree with the other comments - in my experience it is due to being overtired, and also it might be part of the whole adjustment to a new family member :-) I know that my 3 year-old is still adjusting to having her 1 year-old sister around and at times can be very tempermental and attention-seeking.

I'm happy to read that after some rest, everything has gone back to normal. I love the photos you posted up on Flickr and am glad that both Diego and Bella enjoyed the little things I sent over.

Big hugs from Australia :-)


People always say terrible two's HA there toddlers must not have made it to three!!! I swear the 3's are worst!!! And don't ever be embarressed (easier said than done) every mom has been there (whether they admit it or not)...and shame on them for not offering you assistance after you fell with a newborn!!!! Here's to brighter and more well behaved days!!!

Julie K in Taiwan

I can totally relate. Unfortunately, I've found that the switch between sweetness and serious troublemaker continues on for many years.... hugs!

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