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phew!! nighty night super mum!!!
the invitations look great!
Isabella has grown so much - adorable! as is Diego! sweet pics!


Everything is so lovely! Great colors and patterns and superb illustration of a little girl!
She has everything she needs.
A dolly,
a cupcake,
a beautiful dress and barette
and a cutsie hairstyle!
You multi-task SO well!!


You work so hard you put me to shame. Now get some rest before you get frazzled out!

Diane Duda

That's a complex system you got there! The invites look lovely!

I love the picture of Diego in bed(?). That's quite a cast of characters he's got sleeping with him. :)


I don't even know what to say!!! I seriously wanted to cry just knowing all the effort you put into my Lil' Lani's invitations!! It truly means so much to me!!! They are BEAUTIFUL, MAGNIFICENT, and PERFECT! I can not wait until I can get them!!


So for these invitations ... is each one made with cut paper or do you make one cut paper and then have them printed 1 dimensional?


I was reading this very fast Like it was you hahahahahaha.Everything turned out great!little Diego looks funny on the bed .Love MOM.


You are amazing! The invites are awesome! I'm glad that you took the time to blog this, although, I suppose sleep might have been a better use. This too shall pass and now you have a record to show the kids when they are older.


I love your invites!!! They are just great!!! I was wondering if you'd be able to do birthday invites for my little one for her 1st birthday. It's still a long way off though... in September...


you can sizzix the flowers (nu nu nu na)
glue it up on a card (nu nu nu na)
and never never never run out of caffeine bars...cuz your a wo-man...w-o-m-a-n


I really enjoy your blog and looking at all the amazing things that you create.
I can understand how tired you must be holding Isabella such a lot. You might want to look at http://www.mamatoto.org/Default.aspx?tabid=36
which is all about babywearing. I found some really good ways of carrying my youngest just using an old sari, when he had really bad reflux and just wanted to be next to Mummy all the time.


wow, that is a late night!!


wow! yes there are things i did when nursing ava too -- haha -- like knit!
i don't know where you get the energy...


Wow cute invites! And thats amazing what you get done with two kids. I guess it helps that you have a husband too =) But awesome work on being a super mum!


Wow GF--you put all of us to shame! I often work late at nite too...it's something you learn as a mom and an entrepeur (or a wanna be like me..lol). I am well past the feeding stage, but my lil man is a late niter so often times he's up toodling around ever 5 minutes despite my best efforts to get hime to lie down.

Your invitations are precious, love em!


La Bellina Mammina

Hi - came over from Wendy's. Wow! Youre so talented & your kids are just so adorable!! Nothing beats being able to do what you love with your kids around you, even late into the night! :-)


Congrats on the Craftzine post, Ellia! You're truly an inspiration ;)


I laughed out loud at the photo of Diego hanging out of his bed. cute.


I love that invitation, you always do great work! and the babies are getting so big.


You are AWESOME!!!


WOW! That is EXACTLY how things run at my house! My kiddos are now 3&4 but that scene was way to familiar. Your work is FABULOUS! I was wondering when the next batch of goodies will hit your shop? AND, thanks for th great HOW-TO article on ETSY! Good luck with the daily chaos of mommyhood, wifieness and cfrating!
Jenny Vanover


your one woman thay seems to do it all. you go girl!!!!!


What a great story! This multitasking is what all of us mothers have to do really but it can be extra hard when you have important orders to fulfill. You handled it very well! It's so worth it, isn't it?

Paper Girl Productions

Wow!! You're Super Mom!!! Love the pics (especially of Diego in his bed..lol..toooo cute!)

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