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I so love this post. Yes dear, dreams do change. One of these days you will look back and see how your children loved your being at HOME with them.

Me? I would have been a drama teacher. Instead, I am a probation officer and life has never been sweeter or more fun.

Lemon Tree Tales

Ah, dreams vs. reality. I once thought that I really wanted to be a fashion designer. I've designed swimwear for 10 years now and it's not quite what I imagined it to be.

The last 6 years have been as a freelance designer away from the hustle and bustle of that world. That's better for me health-wise, but what I really wanted most in life was to be a mommy. That dream is slipping away every day that goes by so I've adjusted a bit. I'm happy when I'm with our friends and their little girls as an "auntie".

And now I'm adjusting my business life. It's time to turn to creative pursuits other than swimwear design. You can't imagine the relief that I feel when I hear my husband telling me that he wants me to do something creative and stay at home. So now I'm working on that premise. I think that I'll open an etsy shop and enjoy life. I'm always inspired by people like you. :-)

Lisa Clarke

I had that same shop dream! Only I was selling polymer clay books & videos, along with my own clay creations. And I'd have a room in the back where people could come and be creative, take a class, or just chat about creative endeavors.

I still love the idea, but I can see all kinds of reasons why I probably couldn't make it work. For one thing, I can no longer imagine my kids coming off the school bus and quietly sitting in the back to do homework. My boys are too high energy at that time of day. It's actually good that we're home in the afternoon at this stage in our lives.

For now, I have an online shop where I sell crafty books and my own work, and I can be social through my blog and various message boards. I may try the brick and mortar shop someday when my kids are older, but for now while they are still little, home is good for all of us.

Thanks for sharing your dream, and I *love* your cards!


I love this post! What an insight to your private life. Some how things worked out for you but in a different way and for that we are all thankful, otherwise people like me from Singapore, wouldn't find your web and wouldn't have gotten to see your craft and buy your work.

You are such an inspiration and your positivity is just so uplifting!


Your reality is lovely! And your dream was too. It's great that you have found the paper cutting to be your area. I love it! I haven't quite lived my dream yet. Still at university but finishing this year.
Oh by the way thank you soo much for the compliments! It is really nice of you. And I too don't really wear dangly earrings. They are just fun to make =) Ohh that is a dream is to have an etsy shop as well =)


What a wonderful dream but the reality is you have a business that reached out to the world not just passers by in Milwaukee! I have always dreamt of having my own business, creating and selling handmade goods. The reality is I am still dreaming!


Well, my original dream is quite an old one. I was going to be a graphic artist in a big city like Chicago or NYC and design ads and album covers and such. I'd go to posh eateries and swank galleries with other artists.
Life has a way of changing your plans.


Hi Ellia!
I think that my dream is like yours.
I'd love to work with lots of paper around LOL
And yes, I'd love to have my own shop too!!
But I'm a little young to that =)
Who knows?? Maybe someday ;)
Xo to you my dear!!

P.S. - I know that postcards!!


My dream was to open a dance academy in my small town with a friend. but i was too afraid to take the risk to go to school for dance. i did social work instead.

now i'm a social worker by day, and i teach jazz classes on monday nights.

my life is good the way it is now too, though.


Ellia this is a fantastic post I am so glad your are my daughter ...Love Mom

Diane Duda

This way you can keep your jammies on all day. :)


Ah, I know what you mean. I found someone who makes very similar things and sells on Etsy. And she always seems to come up with an idea before I can get started. She is also more successful than me, but this gives me motivation. My dream has expanded into an actual dream, not some well I guess I can try this and see. I actually have a vision now for what I want to do and hope one day I can accomplish some of it. My dream is evolving, too, as I get better at sewing, as I figure out my style, as the kids get older and I have a little more time for creativity.
I love what you are accomplishing and I'm glad I get to see your dream becoming reality.


hi there! i just found your blog through leslie at the paper princess. i own my own greeting card company (marzipan inc.) and live just north of milwaukee! nice to meet someone else so close......and so talented! you're stuff is beautiful!


What a fantastic post!!!!!!! How corny but in a round about way you are actually living your dream - that in itself is just wonderful.How lucky you are.


Hi, I have only begun to dream of an etsy shop. I do the ebay thing but etsy is like where the real people are .....maybe i should just take big breath and do it?


I just found your blog - your work is beautiful. Reading about your dream, and then seeing your dream in reality happened to me about 3 weeks ago. I always wanted to own a trendy home boutique, but was always afraid to step out. We went to a nearby town for a weekend and I walked into "my shop" and it took my breath away. However, I'm still trying to work out the details so that I can do it online as well, as I've always wanted my own store front. Anyways, just wanted to say I love your work and hope it continues to provide so many things for you, financially and personally. Take care!


Ellia-wonderful post, I really enjoyed hearing about your dream vs. reality. You really have the best of both worlds, without the troublesome worries if you will sell enough to keep the brick and mortar store in operations, who will run the shop if the kidlets get sick--you see where I'm going. Not that it can't be done, it's just that you've found away to touch so many more people with only 1/2 the worries. One day, when the fork in the road arrives, you'll know which way to go....and then once again your dream shall take on a new life. :)

My dream--to be financially well off enough to just paint and create day in and day out, maybe write some short stories here and there, and most of all...enjoy seeing my children growing up.
For right now, I'm a banker and a mother, so I have it half right ;)


Melissa R. Garrett

What a lovely post! Dreams do change, and often.

When I was younger, I dreamed of being a writer. But I mistakenly assumed writers were people who wrote bestsellers. Little did I know, at age eleven, that there is a world of writers out there, each one doing something unique an fun and creative. So I left my dream of writing to pursue other adventures, none of them, except getting married and having children, feeling particularly right. Now I've come full circle and have decided to give writing a go. I would love to freelance. I am writing reviews, and I even have a few articles in the works. With three kids who consume the majority of my time, my goal is to have ONE published article by the end of the year.

I think your dream is a fantastic one. But I think your reality is even better. Keep up the great work ;-)


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