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Um, a bird with a machine gun?


I love all the pictures, especially you carrying Isabella. And the illustration really turned out wonderfully! I can't wait! :0)


Oh, I also meant to say that we're the same way. We can't even watch a movie for five minutes before my husband's asleep. Literally. But it takes me at least 10 minutes to go to sleep. Typical, huh?


Your blog is lovely. I love the pictures of your kids. And your paper cutting is wonderful!

Gracie =)


i've got you all beat - takes me usually an hour to two hours to fall asleep.

and i LOVE that photo of you and the babygirl!

Diane Duda

Love your observations!
I just recently discovered Freaks and Geeks and am crazy for it (I think it's about time to rent them again!) so I should probably give Everybody hates Chris a try.
Mike falls asleep in the living room chair after work. He spilled a whole glass of water that he was "sleep-drinking" the other night. :)


I am right with you on the sleep issue! It takes me forever, then the hubby starts breathing deep which makes it even harder! Usually a quick bump in the ribs does the trick:)

I just went through all my paper today to do some scrapbooking and I seriously could not find one piece that I wanted to use! UGH! I have sooo much and I NEED to go get more! lol!

Love all the pics! The kiddos are absolutly adorable! You look great by the way!

Great Dane Addict

#7 is super funny.


Your observations are very humorous =] I love #9!!! Too cute.


I love 'Everybody Hates Chris', but I've only seen the first season as yet. I love the new illustration, it's so lovely :)


I love your observations. My husband is an Ellia, it takes him forever to get to sleep. I am a Ramel, dead as a door nail as soon as my head hits the pillow! Love your pictures and the illustation. Isabella is growing up fast!


Love the photo of you with bubs. I remember holding new borns that way days after the birth and thinking OMG my skin was stretched around this like 2 days ago!!!


this was a fun post - although I'm too dumb to get number 6. Number 7 made me laugh a lot. And the illustration is great.

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