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ellia, I just noticed your new watermark on the photos -- good idea and it blends in just enough not to be distracting. I've had it in mind to come up with one myself -- you have inspired me!


Everything looks gorgeous and that includes your little Bella....!!! Make sure you have time to rest though Ellia!!


hi Ellia!

Isabella is so cute in the 2nd photo! :)


You know, I seriously do really love that sewing girl. You do such a great job, Ellia! And I meant to say on the last post that I can't wait to actually get one of these notebooks since I won your contest. I already know what I'm gonna use it for. And isn't it just amazing how babies can sleep any way and through anything. Toddlers, too. Like the other day we had one of te worst thunderstorms I can remember from around 3:30 in the morning to 6. both kids slept through like it was nothing!

Julie K in Taiwan

Beautiful notebooks... I'm amazed that you have energy to be creative, I sure don't! But then again, my hubby never takes both kids away.

Jaylene collects pretty papers too. She comes home with all sorts of packaging snippets. Even her teachers will save wrappings they think she'll like. My house overfloweth with "garbage"

Diane Duda

How on earth did you get all of this done? I am really loving the notebook with the sewing lady on it. And the superboy! Eli used to go with a girl that called him "her superman". They would always buy each other superman gifts for holidays and birthdays. I might have to buy this notebook just in case they someday get back together. When was that shop update again? Just kidding. ;)
Of course your prices should be higher. All that work you put into each piece...plus another mouth to feed. She's so sweet.


wow, look at you go! love all the new notebooks. especially the superboy and the sewing one...so stinkin' cute. nice job.


cool notepads...lovely papercut illos!
clever girl
both your little ones are adorable!!


Absolutely adorable. Oh, and the kid is cute, too :)


AWE! She is looking more and more beautiful!! You certianly have been keeping busy. I love the little superman notebook:o)

I finally was able to put together the card that you sent. I was sure to make copies so that I could make more than one! It was so much fun! I can't wait to put in an order for more. I also wanted to let you know that I am still going to have you create Lani's 1st birthday invitations. Her party is June 23rd. I think that I will need about 20. What kind of time frame are we looking at?


Isabella is the sweetest!! Congrats:)
Try to take care of yourself


The kidlets are adorable, baby brother looks very proud to be holding his sister! Love your artwork, the sewing lady and pregnant lady journal are adorable. How in the world you can cut such details is beyond me but shows how talented you are :)

Make sure you take time out for yourself so you don't ware out as you develp and refine your routine with the wee ones--hugs,



Oh my, I love the girl with the fro...they are all so cute.

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