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the new card kits are soooo gorgeous! so are your babies :)


Diego looks like him self!! Both are adorable!


Diego looks like him self!! Both are adorable!


Beautiful babies. Beautiful artwork. Keep on having babies if it helps in the creative process! I look forward to seeing the new kits in the shop. Roll on May 15th!


How on earth have you found time to do work with a newborn??????? Man your babies are very cute!!


Gorgeous babies and adorable cards. You're awesome!


Yup, I see the silmilarities, they're both so darn cute!


Oh my they look so much alike, she is so big and pretty. I love the idea of making your own cards too.

Diane Duda

One big similarity...both are gorgeous.
You must be so happy!

The card kits are a great idea and I'm sure will be very good sellers. Glad you're back for good.


wow, everything you make turns out beautiful :)
Have you ever thought about making a book? Similar to a quilting book, you could turn several kits into a book.


Awww, so sweet. You are going to have so much fun with both of your darlings, Ellia.
Great idea with making a book of kit patterns. I might be up for another kit soon.

Tanya Nichols

awesome work on the kits!!! Your baby girl is the most adorable precious tiny-one that I have seen in quite some time!!! Ohmyword I love you dressed them in the same outfit, what fabulous happy memories!! EEEKKK so many cute things in 1 post!

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