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Jessica Hood

love, love, love the doggie products! and i equally love the picture of diego holding his baby sister. how sweet is that?

samantha Tassie

Ellia I don't know how you do it all! Your little helper is very cute holding his sister though.


Ellia, I love the fishies! those are adorably adorable. How cute would those be as a mobile!


oh, I know how the life with kids goes...hope that you all find your groove soon.

I recognized the photo taken by diego all alone. I have a few snapshots of me, taken by the kids with half my head cut off and a center shot of my chest. nice.

your new artwork looks great!


Ellia you have the ideas but don't have the time, I have the time but don't have the ideas! Fancy a swap? As usual you are producing very good work even with your time constraints. Well done.

Melissa R. Garrett

I have so been enjoying your site lately! You have a gorgeous family :-) I remember when I brought home my infant son ~ my daughter was 27 months old, and the adjustment was HUGE. But, I have no doubt you are an awesome mom (as all creative moms are) and you will find a way to make it work for everyone. I just LOVE your products, and I can't wait for an excuse to hop on over to your shop and buy something ;-) Happy Mother's Day ~ you've definitely earned it!!


Oh, I so know about the balance thing. It's a constant work in progress. Just when you think you've got it down pat, someone decides t o have a growth spurt or cut a tooth or potty train or spend the night at grammy's. Ah, the life of a mother. And I so know about those cries and a brother waking a sister up on purpose.
I really like what you're making, Ellia. Isn't it great to have so many ideas. I often pray that I can remember them and that I'll be able to bring them to fruition because time is such a factor.
Talk to you soon, sweetie.
Oh, and Happy Mother's Day to you.


i love big brothers. too cute! he has such a great smile. a little mischievous but totally lovable at the same time!


wow you sound so calm and relaxed amongst the chaos of a newborn and toddler (oh so wonderful and busy at the same time!) And you are managing to do fabulous new designs ( love the fishies) You are amazing!


I know how you feel (lol) my 2 boys are a handful, and the bigger ones are not so far behind. This too shall pass (the baby crying that is). I love your new art work, how wonderful. I love all the colors, and of course the ballerina cat.

Julie K in Taiwan

Oh, I hear ya! Happy Mother's day =)


I love what you've been doing! Can't wait for it to be sold in the shops.... good job ellia


oh my goodness i love that artwork! i haven't seen you do animals yet - my favourite by far!!!

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