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Melissa R. Garrett

Thank you for your kind words on my blog ;-)

You have such a beautiful family, and your love for them really shines through!

About your title ~ I think I have the tune (unfortunately you can't hear me humming it) but the words escape me. It'll be stuck in my head all night, I am sure, so you'll have to let us know to which song you are alluding :-) I keep wanting to sing, "a pirate's life for me" for some reason, but I could be WAY off. It's past my bedtime, afterall!


Ah, that's pinoccio, hi diddly dee dee.

Isn't the interweb wonderous? It's amazing how much good will can be generated between virtual strangers.
Just the other day, an owl flew in from the Netherlands out of the blue.


I was also humming "A Pirate's Life for Me", but that could be influenced by the movie out at the moment! Isabella looks so sweet sleeping. It's like she's pooped out from her day and cannot move anymore. :)

About the interconnectivity of the web - you deserve all these goodies :) You're a generous soul too!


When I graduated from college, I honestly couldn't see beyond that month. I definitely didn't see me and my family, though I hoped for it some day and some incredibly thankful for it now. We are blessed, no? :0)

Tina Vaziri

Congratulations on your new beautiful baby!! I love all your recent work, they are all adorable!


What a great post. You are a very grateful person...that's a beautiful quality. And your babies are adorable! =]

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