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Ah, don't you worry about Diego. He's actually making it easier for you. He probably does sense the change and is trying to change himself. He's developing more independence; he's going to need it once little Izzy, Isa, Bella (any other nicknames?) gets here. His acting up is just his adjusting. It'll all settle down and be like clockwork before you know it. And 40 weeks!?! You poor thing! Hang in there! I love the brother to the rescue art work. Nice!


best wishes with your impending birth - my sis just had a baby and I was with her - amazing. Look forward to hearing all about you Isabella! PS you have a great little brother that is going to love you!!!


Sorry but you have about four days to go according to my predictions LOL.

*HUGS* I know what you're going through honey. I hope the little bundle is home soon.


Not long to go now.....hopefully!

Melissa R. Garrett

Your art never fails to amaze me!

As a mom of three, I know how anxious you must be now just waiting - it's the hardest. Just do your best to relax and savor each moment you have with just Diego. Soon enough, you will be the mom of two! And I am certain Diego will LOVE his little sister :-)


Hang in there, momma! I'll email you later when I have a few minutes of clarity :).


anxiously awaiting your news. could you be any cuter? just that little bump on your skinny self. pregnancy is so sweet on you.


I know you feel like you're going to burst, but what a beautiful picture. Seriously. I loved being pregnant. I loved having Jordan inside, safe and cozy. Of course, I couldn't wait to have him OUT!! lol

And your artwork is also very beautiful. You are sooo very talented.


the anticipation!

i think your organizer turned out

spongebob and patrick eggs!


Oh, you poor thing. But just think how wonderful it will be to add a new little darling to your brood! Good luck and best wishes to you.


Oh, you poor thing. But just think how wonderful it will be to add a new little darling to your brood! Good luck and best wishes to you.


Still no Isabella? Hope she comes very soon! Did you get the onesie I sent you? Hope you liked it. :)

I got to see my little niece (1 month old now!) Easter weekend, she's a little honey. :)

Take care!


oh my, you're almost there! Yay, good luck!


Diane Duda

Just wondering if someone will let us bloggers know when the baby comes. Each time you don't post for a few days I wonder if she hasn't arrived already.

Maybe your mom could let us know via the BeanShower Flickr group. I didn't enter the contest or anything I'm just excited for you!


Diego looks very cute in his hat! Oh we are all getting excited now... has she arrived??


Boy you are going to your date this time it seems! That's tomorrow, the 15th, isn't it?
My birthday was yesterday and I thought Isabella and I might share the day.
Please keep us posted!
We are all anxious, not as much as your poor body must be, but still very on the edge of our seats!


you're STILL with baby? man!

today at the grocery store a young couple with child in belly walked past me,and it made me daydream of the day when bobby and i are ready to have kiddos. there's something so warm and fuzzy about having a baby in the tummy.


Ah! This is driving me crazy! Have you had her yet? I hope you're doing alright, hon, and that little Isabella is doing well, in or out of the tummy. :0)

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