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How frustrating for you! Glad to hear that you are well (if a little sore). I look forward to the grand re-opening of your etsy shop. Take care and I hope for news very soon!


oh...i cannot believe the time has finally come (or should i say is coming soon!?) very exciting! take care of yourself!!!


oh, I hope little isabella comes soon!!! I know that the last few weeks are tough, but being overdue sure takes the cake when it comes to frustrating, doesn't it? when my little ones were stalling I got crabbier and crabbier until they finally made their entrance into this world. (3 different times!) hope it goes quick!!!! and looking forward to seeing the little one.


I just wanted to stop by and say hi and let you know I was thinking of you :) I hope you stay as comfortable as can be during your last days of your pregnancy--we can't wait to see baby Isabella!



i hope it happens soon for you.
i was induced for both of mine,
i guess they just wanted to hang out
a little longer...


I know the feeling, oh I hated that when the due date came and left, I remember I would go up and down the stairs, take long walks and even tried to eat very spicy food, and still nothing. I hope she gets here soon! Good Luck!


We have a salad here at a restaurant that would do the trick for you--it's famous for getting babies to pop out! I think the secret ingredient is balsam vinegar. I was late, had the salad for lunch and by 8pm; I was in labor. Hope it won't be too long--hugs to you and Isabella for a quick & painless delivery!

Great Dane Addict

We have a friend that was also due on the 15th, and she hasn't popped yet either. She is so uncomfortable that the only place she can sit is on a Pilates ball! I hope both of you guys have your babies soon!


OH don't I know that waiting past your due date is hard!! My Addie was "late" TOO. and now it seems silly that I was so impatient but I remember how uncomfortable I was and anxious to meet her. I didn't like the induced labor stuff at all. After 24 hours of the yucky stuff they truned if off so I could get soem rest and a few hours later she decided it was time to come out all on her own. and Isabelle will too ;) I'm sending all my easy birth vibes to you!!xoxoxo


I just checked your Mom's Page and saw the beautiful photos! Congrats to you and your family! Isabella is absolutely beautiful!


I just read Wendys comment and it sounds like she has arrived !!! Congratulations, I'll go check your mums page now.


Ellia I have just seen the news on your mums page. I am so happy for you and the family. Congratulations to you all.

Great Dane Addict

Congrats Ellia! Looks like you had baby Isabella shortly after I posted my last comment!


Congratulations Ellia, She is beautiful! :)

hayley morgan

first time commenting, but i just wanted to let you know your little girl is beautiful--sounds like that is a commonly shared sentiment! :) i just had my sweet little guy in november, and i can't believe he's already so big!! enjoy these early days, even through the sleep deprived bleariness!! :) take care!


yes!!! i am so happy for you and your family! she's a cutiepie for sure. hope you're getting rest and a little bit of relaxation, btw, take your time getting back. noone is rushing you. peacenlove.


I saw the news and I am so happy for you! Little Isabella is beautiful!


felicidades! a beautiful addition to your beautiful family!!! :)


Congratulations!!!!!!! Shes so beautiful!!!!!!!!!

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