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Kristen Ort

tee-hee! she's ADORABLE! congrats ellia!! you rock!


Seeing my grandkids being born is such a beautiful experience and such a tender moment.Thank you Ellia for letting be there through the whole time and for letting me see life being born!!!You and Marina are the best daughters in the world!!!Love mom:)


Oh, my! So very glad you are all safe and sound with a beautiful baby! Makes me almost want to go through this for a third time...almost. ;) lol! I know the pain of which you speak...haha!

Hugs to you and all your healthy loves.


Congratulations!!! Knowing you, you will be making more artworks by the weekend I'm sure. Go easy on yourself, I could still feel the birthpains myself when I read your story. Heck, even making it to the computer is pretty amazing. Remember I was the one sore and on the couch forEVER! LOL
Enjoy, she's beautiful! I think you and Amy were one single day apart!

Great Dane Addict

Yeay! So glad you are home! Thanks for sharing the story!

Julie K in Taiwan

Welcome sweet baby Isabelle! Glad it's finished for you and you can rest. Soon enough your art time will be back ;)

amanda bel

Oh, congratulations on the beautiful new baby girl!!!! What a little honey-bear!! Glad everything went so well, even if it was tough, at least it's over now! Enjoy that sweet little baby!!!

Much love!


Congratulations!!! Beautiful photos, especially the one of you three together.:)


Well done to you all!Welcome sweet Isabella xxx


What fantastic news - yay she is here!!!!! Congrats to you all - she is just beautiful!!

Melissa R. Garrett

Oh shoot ~ I'm gonna cry! I'm a sucker for babies and birth stories and fabulous pictures of grandmas and daddies and mommies and big brothers showing their love. She is beautiful!! I'm so happy for all of you :-)


OOOOOOh, she is SO beautiful!! Love the chubby little cheeks and her skin looks so perfect. Congratulations on your new little bundle of joy.


I am glad that you and Isabella are home safe and sound from hospital. Do you think she will be your inspiration for some new art work?!


COngratulations Ellia!! :)

I'm so happy to see Isabella. Am so glad too that you are doing well. Rest well!

love Jo



She is very beautiful - well done Ellia! May your new girl bring joy and delight to all your lives. Thanks for sharing her with us :)

ps. Tell Diego that he is a super big brother caring for his ikle sister x


congrats on the new bean!
she looks preeety...
almost makes me wanna have one of those!


que linda! congratulations again. i love seeing little siblings together. it's the cutest thing.

ana rose

Absolutely beautiful! she is a real treasure, enjoy these days they grow up so quickly. I have been absent from blogging due to family stresses the result was a beautiful grandson and he changes every day. I love love your daughters name Isabella Mae!


I absolutely love that picture of you, Diego and Isabella together. How beautiful! And I knew Diego would be great about it all. I hope you're able to get some rest and that Isabella is being easy on you. Oh, it all just makes me smile! :0)


Yipee!!!! Congratulations ellia and welcome to the outside world isabella!!!


congratulations on the birth of isabella! I am so excited for you and your family. She is a beautiful little girl, and i am so happy that you are finally through with your pregnancy. What a relief it must be for you! Finally!


Thanks for sharing the story, she's gorgeous! It's so exciting to see this process, and watch your family grow.


She is so beautiful! I am glad that you are all settling in nicely as a family! Amazing how quickly you feel like she has always been there!


she is adorable ellia!! i've been checking all this week to see the update. i'm so glad you are all healthy and home. enjoy your new lil girl


Blessings to Isabella and her whole family!

island jen

Congratulations!! I've been checking back but still managed to miss the day!
What a perfect little family you have there... beautiful!


Congrats Ellia, She is beautiful!


I forgot to add Isabella shares her birthday with my husband


Congratulations! Isabella is BEAUTIFUL!!!


Ellia, congrats! What a cutie! So nice to hear that Diego is such a helpful big brother!


Ellia, congrats! What a cutie! So nice to hear that Diego is such a helpful big brother!


yay! you did it!
similar to when jason was born- i closed my eyes when pushing and my sister told me to open my eyes so see my son on my belly!!


Congratulations Ellia!!! Your little girl is sooo lovely!!


Welcome Isabella!! What a magical event---always. It's magic because of the terrific prize and the fact that we "forget" the process so that siblings are born (HA). Gald all are doing well---enjoy your new guest!


congratulations to the whole family!!! she's beautiful! (of course :)!! ) You did GREAT Ellia and you look amazing, and REALLY!! i can hardly believe you are already itching to get back to your artwork! well done and kisses to all! xxxx


congratulations! she is beautiful!!!


Wow! What a great birth story!
Isabella is so beautiful and pretty and feminine, and girly and kissable and chubby-faced and sweet and lovable and oh my gosh, I could go on forever!!!
Kiss her and snuggle her for me, Please!!!!


Awww, she's beautiful... Congratulations! :) Big hugs!!


She's so beautiful! Congratulations.

Right Brained Gal

Wonderful pictures. Now a little girl to complete your life. Best wishes.


Congratulations Ellia, Ramel and Diego!! She is so beautiful!!
Welcome to our world baby Isabella!
You did great Ellia...enjoy your new family!!!


she is so beautiful ellia!!!what a gift, what a gift!!! so amazingly cute. you were mosdef a trooper! i can't imagine:) take care. may you find pockets of rest, tiny miracles and tender moments.


Congratulations! What a beautiful baby girl!


Awwww, congrats. She's beautiful. Enjoy every minute...now that the labor is over.


Oh my what a precious child, I know you are so relieved. I am so happy for you and your family. Good luck Ellia.


She is, of course, adorable :) She looks so much like you! Congratulations Ellia, Ramel and Diego!


i'm so happy for you
and your family
and that everything went ok
and she is sooooo cute...


Congrats!! She is a beautiful little wee one!!! I'm sure Diego will be a great big brother to her, especially when he realizes she can play superhero's with him!!!! Superman and Wonderwoman!!!!


I'm a bit late, but a big HUG to you all for the wonderful, safe arrival of Isabella. And a bella she looks already - beautiful.

Christine Lim

Congrats! Congrats! Congrats! Big hugs to you.
I thought of you today and I said to myself "Ellia should have delivered by now".
Isabella is so sweet! Love the name too.
Forgive me for not writing ... life went a bit haywired for a while.
Anyway, take care my friend and a superb mummy.

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