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Wow - 8 weeks left! Time has really zipped by - you are looking wonderful :-) And Isabella's room is looking so sweet!I love that picture of Diego in the bassinet - so funny :-)

Your productivity continues to amaze me! I love that piece you are doing for Joyce. Please do take it easy and enjoy the last few weeks of your pregnancy.


Oh, my goodness. Diego and my Mr. M would get along so well. That picture of Diego in the bassinet is just hilarious. And the box thing? MY son does that a lot. He tries to close the flaps on top of him, but he's too big for the box. Too funny!


How cute are those baby clothes! If you have the time check out this really cute place for baby clothes! Too Cute! http://www.sandboxcouture.com


I thinked I missed the post about you naming your baby Isabella - adorable!!! Yep way too much cleaning - relax - who am i kidding you will be making beautiful paperart whilst in labour!!!!!!!! Diego looks so funny in the bassinet!


I love your tales with the little rascal! What adorable pictures! Totally made me smile!

Julie K in Taiwan

Diego is so cute!

Get the whole family involved in the cleaning... I was able to (probably only because of Chinese New Year, it's the typical time to do a deep clean).

I really want to move (well, have someone else do it) furniture and set up the baby bed and get things all perfect, but because of Chinese thought, furniture moving is a big no no. It could cause the Chi to get messed up or something. I'm going crazy, I won't be able to even check out if our old crib is useable until after the baby comes.


diego is so cute! one of my little ones was using a rubbermaid tote as a boat today...makes me wonder why we even buy toys. :) your little baby timeline thingy is fun...hope that the last 8 weeks go quickly (and comfortably) for you.


you're receiving mail love left and right!!! carolyn is AWESOME! You're so lucky to have received thoset hings. and also - cute picture of diego! he's not sleeping.


I remember thoses pictures of the 2 children praying, I use to have them when I was small, i have not seen them in along time, very cute and I remember getting ready before the baby came home, how exciting even if its not your first one, it's still so fun just to find out how there going to look like. Diego is so funny, I love when they try to fit in small spaces, I guess theres something about fitting in a small space.

Wendy Demers

That picture of Diego made me crack up! I remember Wesley wanting to "try out" some of Lani's baby things while we were waiting for her arrival! He even slept in her crib one night! At first I was going to say no but then I thought that it wasn't going to hurt anything and if it helped him get used to the fact that we were going to have a new addition than that was fine with me! Luckily it only lasted one night:)


I'm right there with you girl...within days of you. Our girls could be born on the same day!


that pic of diego in
the bassinet was hysterical,
too cute
and yay for happy mail days,
i love the hats!


wow 8 weeks only??? thats gone so fast! the nursery looks great Ellia! are you getting excited?
Diego is so cute....


I Love you girls



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