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Julie K in Taiwan

You are too kind! I've been a lurker fan of your blog for a while now... never thought I'd get a mention ;) I love your design, I can completely relate.

And wow, 200 invitations...

Jessica Hood

i love the invite design! how exciting. glad you liked the mini album, too :-D


I think your paper quilt entry is wonderful. I still take tums as a source of calcium. :0)
Oh, and congratulations on those 200 invites.
9 more weeks is incredibly exciting.

Diane Duda

i love her shoes!
hope your sale went well...i had trouble resisting a few items!

Brenda Padilla

This one is really nice, I can't believe your doing so many.


how cute is that nurse!


Love your prego momma taking tums illustration...it is so cute. You do have a lot going, but it looks like your are doing an awesome job on all of it! I love the last illustration too. It is FANTASTIC!!! Hope the last 9 weeks of your pregnancy goes well.


I love these designs! I just can not wait to get pg, so I can have you design something for me! Party invites,journals, artwork...not sure what it will be but believe me I have been thinking about it!


I love all your preggers characters. I can't wait to be preggers myself and commission a piece!

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