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You look great! Just get lots of rest! I know it can be hard with work and Diego but you will appreciate even 10 minutes:)


You look so pretty, I know you can't wait to have this baby. And yes Elmo looks funny (lol).


You look great, sweetie. And you hang in there. AS you know, it's al worth it in the end. That Elmo does look rather sad, but it's good Diego had fun. And you have been the working machine, churning out all kinds of stuff. I think it makes it even more rewarding when you know you did it all while being pregnant and taking care of a two year old.

Julie K in Taiwan

You look fabulous. I can't believe how much you're getting done! At the end of the day I just want to sleep....


you are just the cutest little pregnant mama! I love seeing your progress;)


you look beautiful Elia! cant believe how fast your Pregnancy is going!! Great pics!
you sound super busy....


You look so fantastic. I can't believe how active and productive you are! Jeez, when I was that far along I just sat or, better yet, lay down. You are so amazing. You're artwork is so incredibly creative. I love it. One of my favourites is the card with the older brother and the little sister, or that's how I see it. Just think. It won't be long now. SLEEP. SLEEP. SLEEP. I remember how that pregnancy and early motherhood amnesia tricks you into forgetting just how tiring and difficult the first few weeks can be. (Which is why I went on to have 3 kids 4 and under.) Anyway- I love your imagination. Take care of yourself and get as much rest and relaxation as possible. You deserve it!


Awwww, you are adorable looking Mama :) I agree with the others, you get an amazing amount of work down for being at the tale end of your pregnancy, I'm not sure where you get the energy from!

I recieved my paper pack yesterday...thank you thank you, it's lovely and full of fun pieces, and so nicely wrapped. You have great handwriting too, I appreciate the card you sent with my purchase. :)



i think the invites turned out gorgeous
and that belly,
too cute!

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