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Who is that LOVELY movie star in the upper right corner?
It's YOU!
Love your new picture!!



I just read a tip about chewing gum to get rid of heartburn. I have no idea if it works since I haven't had heartburn yet since reading the tip. But hey, it might be worth a try. Hang in there and get some rest!


I only had really bad heartburn in the pregnancy where I ate a lot of peanut butter.
High fat foods contribute to it amongst that big baby pressing on your stomach.
I was tons better when I cut out the peanut butter sandwiches btw.


hee hee hee...I am chuckling about your thoughts on the star wars movie....my boys love star wars and I can get so sick of listening to it...chewbaca does whine a lot. (I don't need any more of that going on here than is contributed by the kids on a daily basis!)
your sketches are so fantastic! can't wait to see them as works in progress and end products. you do really have a great unique style about your work. It's hard to be original with all the blogland inspiration. (I think, anyway.)


yay for happy mail days!
they can make all the difference,

love the pic of all the little heads


awwww what nice surprises you've been receiving! there are so many sweet bloggers, it never ceases to amaze me!


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