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awww, she's a little ninja

Melissa R. Garrett

I've been lurking for a little while now, but thought I would come out to say congrats and how exciting!! I have three kids, and all of them were VERY active en utero. And guess what? They are STILL very active!! When the little one gets to kicking you in the ribs, try lying flat on the floor and stretching your arms up over your head. It helped me a lot . . .


awwwwwww....so cute belly!!!
and i love the illustration,

Great Dane Addict

Aww look at your cute belly!!


I'm just checking in -- it's been a while -- but I had to say that Isabella is one of my most favourite names!!!! Can't wait to see her in 9 weeks!

Brenda Padilla

That is so cute, I can't wait til you make me mine. I will definitely let you know when.


Doesn't time fly! Only 9 weeks left? You and Ramel must be very excited.

My son reckons Isabella is practising her 'Mawashi geri'. Yes, it pays to have karate boys in the family. Though in english that is a 'roundhouse kick' to me and you but I still have no idea of exactly what it is... ha har... :)


i'm so excited for you and your family, gosh time takes us all off guard, i can't believe isabella will be here in such a short time. i love her name and i will keep you all in my prayers in re: to the kicks!!!


How exciting to be at a pointin your life when it is socially acceptable to be pregnant. My boyfriend and i were talking about what wouldhappen if i were to get pregnant (we had a bit of a scare) and he was talking about how it would ruin his life - all his dreams. he'd have to move out of his parent's house (GasP!!! that'd be a goodthing), and his paren'ts wouldn't support him and all of that stuff.

i didn't see it as negative as him, but i know i'm not ready for a chid yet. I want to have a full-time job that will give me maternity leave time. and be financially ready for child. and it'd be nice to be LIVING with my lover first, at least. i think i'd like to be married first too - i don'tw ant to have to arrange a babysitter for the honeymoon.

angie b.

you look so beautiful! and isabella is such a pretty name! wow...only 9 weeks left! =)


Oh my goodness, you're almost there! Yay, good luck!


Oh my goodness, you're almost there! Yay, good luck!

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