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i wish i could help you
with the printing problem
but unfortunately
i can't so i will just offer
some compliments on that
gorgeous card!
i love the colors
and the little flowers on the top...
so sweet!


I don't know of any place, but I do know that Amy at Angry Chicken blog has printed up some of her mini-quilts into really quality looking cards and postcards. Maybe she could tell you who she uses or if she knows of someone close.
The Mom card is cute. So was the basketball player yesterday. Hope you hvae a good weekend!


I also do not know of any printing place offhand, but you might try asking at your local Arts Center or at a gallery. Both places do a lot of work with people who get that sort of thing printed up.


I would try Office Max or Office Depot - I've had some digi scrapbook layouts printed and binded at office max, and the prints looked really good.

Good Luck


ugh. wish I had a solution for you. I'm sure you'll find a good place soon though!!


unfortunately i don't have any suggestions for you, but i wish you luck! and i can't wait to see what comesup in the sweetheart swap!

T. Budnik

Nice cards. They're wonderful.



I recommend Office Max or Depot as well, I've had really good luck with calendars there. I would also recommend, kodakgallery.com because I get awesome photos back from them and I know they do greeting cards so I'm sure they may be able to work with your as well.

Love the "Mom" card, the colors are wonderful. Also thanks for setting up the miniswap, I don't know how you do it but my partner loves the same things I do so this is great!


Beautiful card!!! I say that all the time, but really, everything you do is beautiful!!!!!

Jessica Hood

i've used the online printing company 4 Over before & had good results. you might look into their options


there was a thread on this in the IF forums
will have a look for you...
what about Vistaprint.com??


try overnightprints.com
i haven't actually ordered but i think they may be ok.


I've actually used Overnight and Vista Prints and they're both really, really good. Maybe a wedding invite site??

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