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I love that you are posting so much!! LOVE IT. I need to get into things too. Your work is awesome Elia! I'm so happy to see all these beautiful things. You're kicking ass and taking names!

I am so sorry you've been so tired lately honey. It will pass though really- and then come back again but that's another story ;) Just take it easy and when you're done, you're done. No need to apologize!

Congrats to Diego on his potty victory! Keep it going. We've had a bit of a regression over here in the #2 department. GAH!


YAY DIEGO!!!!! Man, that kid has a bladder of STEAL!


the world really needs more cupcake princesses...thank you for creating one to brin gus smiles. :)


Diego did a great job!!! You guys are almost there! You're a great mom, Ellia.

li li

Congrats to Diego!! :D And I love that last piece of illustration and the embossed flowers background. Wonderful!!! ^o^


I love the addison illustration. green + pink = one of my favorites. Congratulations on Diego's potty training, we aren't having as much luck over here.

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