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Your friend is very lucky - these are so beautiful and totally unique!


fabulous! i love original wedding invitations. my husband designed ours and it's one of my favorite details from our wedding, i'm sure your friend will be saying the same about these!

angie b.

what great invitations! can't wait to see the pictures of the final ones :)


i cant wait to see the finished invites. i think they are so so adorable & I bet her family/friends are going to just love them.


The invitations are looking gorgeous! I love the intricate detail of your work. It's funny when you mention about loving the tedious.. I'm like that too. :)


those are REALLY neat!!!! someday i will get invitations like that made.

tanya nichols

OH MY tedious work is your friend??!!! Im such a do it now kind of a person!! Neat to see how you accomplish so much...


what a great idea...
so original
and so much detail!


the invitations are so cute. What a great friend you are! Loving the ikle bump :)


Now your on it...do an original cut work design, "they" get to keep it & frame it and print the invites that are to be sent out...excellent!
Everybody is happy and you might even make some money. BTW, I was sittling in thte Drs office and I thought of you because there was all this Eric Carle work on the walls...another cut out artist like my friend Ellia, I though:D

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