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Ellia, you crack me up! yep a short, odd post! Chalk it up to hormones :)


Yeah Ellia I never saw them that small hahahaha

Nicola Manning

Well, I gotta tell you ... they definately look like knitting machine needles to me.


knitting machine needles sounds like a good answer -- but my first thought because they were so delicate was that maybe they were Victorian and used to crochet/weave human hair into those weird art pieces they used to make (have you ever seen them? -- very interesting and creepy at the same time)


i believe that is a sewing device to turn tubes of fabric from inside out to the right side after sewing. ( like a purse handle ) .. i have to do just that ( very handy )and it is pretty long with that end on it.

hope that helps!


i meant "I have one just like that"

instead of: "i have to do just that"

sorry i'm miss-typo lately

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