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Glad you're getting a bit more energy now, and yuck on the queasiness! But your belly is cute! :) Does Diego know what's going on yet?


oooohhhh beautiful! I put on sooooo much weight with my first.......mmmmmm yum food! Glad you are feeling a little better.Enjoy the belly growing - lovely.

angie b.

aww....ellia, your growing tummy is so cute! =D

btw...i love that the bowl of ice cream was resting on your stomach. my husband always says he can't wait until i'm pregnant and he can rest something on my tummy! :p


Best wishes with the new baby Ellia!
They are our best project, I often find myself looking at my kids in awe thinking, "I can't believe that I made that". :)
Enjoy the belly..


o my gosh, look how cute your belly is! and w/diego too.. you are so teeny even pregnant!


too cute...

i'm so happy for you


such a cute little belly!


awww...you're so tiny!

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