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Jessica Hood

I'm completely addicted to pretty papers...but you know what? I think there are worse addictions, so I let this one slide! :)

Diane Duda

me too, with the paper. It used to be fabric...now it's paper.

Great Dane Addict

I also love paper. I bought the Cropper Hopper Workstation (ON SALE!) to store my paper and I LOVE it.


the sweet paper addiction...
i just wish that there were more options
where i live,
i am fairly limited...
which sucks for everything except
my wallet


you paper addict! how do you plant o get rid of your paper?


I can't imagine finding second hand wraping paper, that would be really cool. And girl, you need a database to keep all those papers in order!

I love addictions - in other people!

Christine Lim Simpson

I love papers but they are vert very expensive in Singapore.


I am another who suffers from the pretty papers addiction! I still haven't figured out a system to keep it all organized - it just collects in bags :P

Some Nice Lady named Sheila

Woof grrf...

I like paper. I like to sometimes EAT paper. Most often, I rustle around in and sleep upon paper. Soft sometimes, crinkly others.


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