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aww, diego is such a cutie! and soon you'll have a second cutie to show off!


I'm so so so so excited for you!! You will do just fine Ellia trust me. If I can do it, you can. It's crazy it really is but it's possible. And you have family to help you and Ramel is an exellent husband. Eek I can't WAIT!


Those hormones get the best of us sometimes, don't they? When the new one arrives things will fall into place. It may be a little bumpy the first few days at home...there's always an adjustment period involved for everyone and then, before you know it two will seem like something you've always done.

You'll be fine! Ramel will be fine! Little Diego will be fine! Baby Bean will be fine too! You'll see. Try not to worry about what will come, it's going to be what it's going to be. Instead enjoy that little boy's amazement and wonder at the thought of a baby brother or sister in Mommy's belly.

Sending you big hugs and happy thoughts, Momma!


What sweet posts today! You and Ramel will look so beautiful with two little ones to cherish. Love the pictures of Deigo and can't wait for baby bean photos.

Diego will love baby bean and claim him for his own :) Mine sometimes fight but they are very protective over each other too.

It's amazing how quickly you'll all adjust and forget that once there was only 3 of you. You have some tiring times but you will also have lots of love and fun dancing round the room with 2 beautiful boys!

jen b

You'll be great Ellia! Two is harder but it is pretty easy to figure out. Wish I lived closer to help you through the harder times. :)


awh dear me, i am so excited for you ellia. what a joy your little diego seems to be, i can't imagine what you must feel like, but one thing is for sure you continee to be an inspiration to me and i love catching up with you here. may the blessings overflow and the fruits of your labor be as rewarding as the last time. heart!

Great Dane Addict

Those pics are adorable!


oh my!!yay! congratulations!! the two kid thing didn't hit me until my post partum but all is good and isn't bad at all...


This made me tear up a bit, too, and I'm not even pregnant! What's my excuse?
I'm sure you'll be as great with 2 as you are with 1. And in a couple of months, you won't remember life with 1 or how you ever lived without them both...


Yep I remember and cant wait to see another grandchild!!! Love mom


aw this was sucha sweet post :):)
not so long ago I felt all that rush of emotion & wonder.

now we're thinking back to the ultrasounds & what we wondered the baby would be like.

Its such an exciting time for you guyz!

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