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congratulations!! A new baby bean!!


Congratulations ellia! That is great news. I guess I will have to do a baby shower online for you :) Yay! Ilove giving baby presents. Please tell me you will find out what you are having. ????


Congratulations Ellia and Ramel!!!! wonderful news!!! happy healthy 8months ahead!
Jen - awesome idea!!! an online baby shower!

Lucky Charm

Congratulations on your news! Love your blog!


Congratulations!!!!! Mazel Tov!!



I just know that Diego will be the best big brother. :):)


hey! congratulations! yeah! knit a blanket!


hey! congratulations! yeah! knit a blanket!


Ellia, somehow I think you hinted at this to me in an email because I'm not really surprised...but definitely congratulations and good luck! Maybe this is why you've been cleaning compulsively?!


Oh Ellia! This is the BEST NEWS I've heard all week!!!! CONGRATS!

I am so very happy for you, for Ramel, and for little Diego!!! Many congrats to you all!


Such wonderful news. I am glad to be here at the beginning a new friendship with more to come. Enjoy this time.




yay for you all!
and now maybe instead of sending
a dishcloth, i can send a baby blanket!


Congrats! And that paper pregnancy test is cracking me up!


felicidades! lucky diego. isn't it funny when we start to see all of our life events in collage form. :)


How exciting!!! Congratulations on your awesome news....I love babies!

li li

Hip hip hooray!!!!! Super big congrats to you, Ellia!!! ^o^

Christine Lim Simpson

I am so so happy for you! I am glad that I am not to late to congrat you on this one. As you know I am always late at saying happy birthday, happy anniversary, etc etc!
Anyway, C.O.N.G.R.A.T.U.L.A.T.I.O.N.S!


How fantastic! Congratulations and I absolutely love your pregnancy strip. Babies are just the bestest thing ever!!!!


How fantastic! Congratulations and I absolutely love your pregnancy strip. Babies are just the bestest thing ever!!!!

Momma Pajama

Hurray, Ellia! Congrats to all of you! Diego will be almost 3 - that's a good age for a sibling, mine are that split.


Hey, that is wonderful news!
Congratulations! Your idea for a card is great too! I still have my pregger test from my boy--I took a picture of it and put it in the scrapbook--I should show it to you sometime.
It's one of the few pages I actually put together before I got overwhelmed with the whole thing and put it aside. It's looming large on my "things to do" list.
Now you will have to change your name to greenbeanbabies!


ellia! congratulations!!!!!! oh this is so exciting!!! ;)


You are such a star telling us your news with a cut out pregnancy strip! There was me getting all excited about my sweet pea swap arriving and your parcel is so much more exciting! Yippee!

Congratulations to all 3 of you! Can't wait for the arrival of your new baby bean :) xx


Congrats Pilly !!!!!!


ohh ohh ohh I missed this bit of info! how exciting! I am tingling even! and yay! diego will be a big brother! congratulations! good thing you didnt wait 10 years to have another like i did! haha.

and i can relate w/the flippin' out every time u think of being pregnant. I was exactly the same way. I was in denial even the day I was scheduled to be induced!

anyways... I'm soooo happy for you. this news is so wonderful :) I cant wait to see your next little one :)


WONDERFUL news!!! congratulations!!!


EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!!! You sneaky sneak asking me how it was going with two LMAO! I am SO EXCITED FOR YOU!! OMG!! I'm grinning like a crazy person. :D


CONGRATS girl! I'm so happy Diego's going to be a big brother. Siblings are very important, I was an only child and a very lonely one :( I wish you only the best!

Great Dane Addict



Congratulations Ellia! That's fantastic news!

angie b.

omigosh!!!!! ellia!!! congratulations! that is so wonderful and exciting!!!! :D


Oooh, Ellia! What WONDERFUL news! I had no idea the last time I emailed you about this wonderful news! Congratulations! YAY!!!!


Ohhh! Congrats on number two in the oven!


Congratulations on the soon-to-be-bump!!! I know I am a bit slow on the uptake, just catching up on the blogs I read as I have been camping for most of august!! great news!


well we all know ow the story turns out...Isabella is a DOLL and the princess of the house. Diego is the protective big brother and you are still beautiful as the day we met!

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