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li li

Happy B'day Diego!!!! And that cake looks sooooo cool!!!!!!! :D


happy birthday super-diego!

Great Dane Addict

Happy Birthday Diego!!!


How cute! He really loves Superman! 2 must be a wonderful milestone for him ( and you!)
Happy, Happy Birthday Diego :)


Such a gorgeous child! Happy Birthday Little Guy!


happy birthday to your little man diego!


Diego and Ananda look like they are having lots of super hero fun! Happy Birthday Diego - you are such a cute boy:)


Happy Birthday Diego!!! And happy 2 year-milestone Mom!!! Perfect indeed!


oh look at him!! what a gorgeous kid you have Ellia!!
Happy Birthday sweet boy - hope u had fun!!!
Looks like he is eating to me hehee


Happy Birthday Diego!!! What an awesome party. He looks like he had the best time!


happy happy birthday!
what a cutie!
and that cake looks fantastic!
what a good idea
for a party...
lucky l'il boy


Awww, so sweet! Diego is such a handsome little 2-year-old! Happy belated to him!


happy birthday sweet little Diego!!


Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday dear Diego
Happy birthday to you.

Two cute (hahaha)

angie b.

happy birthday to diego! :)

that cake is so terrific!!!!


I KNOW I'm so late and I feel SO bad about that but here goes:

Feliz Cumpleanos a ti!
Feliz Cumpleanos a ti!
Feliz Cumpleanos Super Diego
Feliz Cumpleanos a ti!

Christine Lim Simpson

Happy belated birthday! Aunty Christine is really crap at remembering birthdays. Glad you had fun. Congrats to you Ellia, for a two year mark as mummy. Wonderful work, dear.


Happy Birthday to your little superman!


It was a wonderful celebration for sure! Nothing like family coming together to have a good time! Looking forward to another child of ours turning 2! Go Isabella go!

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