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fun tutorial!


This is a great tutorial! Thank you for sharing it!


cool!! thanks for sharing - I might give it a go when I find the time.......so sweet!!


HOw wonderful that you created this. I love getting a sneak peak into your world and how you create it. Very similar to how I work with felt!


oops...next time I'll slow down and spell check myself. PEEK!


wow, ellia! this is awesome! and so darn cute!


Ellia!! I just did this! I had to try it and the second i read it, i broke out my supplies and tried it. It was so fun! Thank you so much for sharing this. ^_^

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thank to share...is a great work...


Thanks Ellia - your a wonderful soul for sharing this. I still don't know if I can do it, bt I will try.


Fantastic tutorial!!!!!!!! Thank you!


great tutorial - you make it look so easy and your precision is no doubt a gift!Definately will give it a go


i still can't get over how much detail and work goes into each illustration. WOWEEE.


Wow ellia thank you for sharing this fun project with us!


This is very neat! great tutorial!! thanks


I can't wait to try this! I think I will do it my sweet Miss S's colors and frame it to go in her room. Thanks so much for the awesome tutorial! You rock!


this is too too too cute!
thanks for sharing it!
i can't wait to do it...
if only i had a printer...
i'll figure something out


Wow how neat that you did this :) :)

mary ann

how fun!!! i think i'll have to give it a whirl!


Wow! Adorable! And I would have absolutely no idea how to do something like that wihtout your awesome tutorial. Thanks!

Christine Lim Simpson

Love it, dear!


Thank you, thank you, thank you... You are such a star for sharing your lovely paper illustrations :)


hola elia! thank you so much for this tutorial! jordan (my husband) keeps yelling at me that i need to start using an exacto for my collages, and now you've totally inspired me. gracias! and no, we are not back in the states for good. we have one more year in ecuador but are just visiting for the summer.


I love the look of that template... happy creating!
cheers, gracia

Laura Daniel

Thank you, thank you, for the templates. I just LOVE your work. It is so fun and colorful. You are so talented. It gives me inspiration.


oh wow, this is really great! i think it is so interesting how differently we work. i wish i were more precise! you are very talented <3 and i love your work!


Lovely. Can I please cut out one photo of the completed project and link to this tutorial from my blog?


WOW! This is adorable!!!! I can't wait to try this out....thanks for sharing the free templates.


I know a little girl who will just love this! (And I'll have to make one for me too!) Thank you!


This is adorable! I'm linking to my blog so I don't lose it before I actually make it!



This is wonderful! I'm going to try it.


Hi, I love this tutorial so much I've linked to it on my site!


come on over and see! You'll find the link on the "how-to" links page :)

Elisa Chavarri

Thanks for the link to the tutorial Ellia, it's great :) I'm still amazed at how you cut all the little parts so perfectly.


I love it!!!Thank you sooo much for that!It is so cute.
xoxo Desirée

jenny bean

You are amazing, so darn cute!


I may have a hand at this one, Ellia.
I clicked on your tutorial link because it JUMPED out at me because it's your version of my Emma!


This is Doan Thuc from Vietnam. Say hello to you.It is very nice of you to show this tutorial. I did one picture for myself.
Thank you so much


Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge. Your work is so inspiring. I will definitely be a frequent visitor or your blog and flickr site to check out your new creations!


I am really excited that I found this blog. Even more excited that you offered this tutorial. I have just printed it out and will be making it for my niece for her birthday.


thank u so much. did you share any other illustrations? it is so nice. I'll try it eventhough I'm not so good with glue. I mess everything around... any tips?


Thank you for being so generous as to share this project. Not only was it fun, but it was a much needed break from my 2 year old daughter and 4 month old son. :) Do you think you will be offering any other projects? I would love to make something with a boy for my son's room.

Zoe Goode

This is so fantastic! Just the creative/artistic kick start I needed to get me sketching again. Thank you so much for the inspiration, you work is absolutly awesome! TFS x

Tom Barrett

Thanks for posting this!


great tutorial!


Thanks for sharing this bit of insight into your work. Well done!

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