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i cannot WAIT for your Etsy store to open. Do you remember the old ads for Mervyn's when they were going to open a new store? It was a lady pressed against a store window saying "open, Open, Open, Open" That's me.


Yep I believe you can make it happen regardless of the ups and downs.These cards and all the other things you do will come out just right.And It is better to be busy then seeing life as something that just happen to you.Just think discovering all those hidden talents now that is so cool!!


What a cute Diego! bless him falling aslpeep with Batman :)

As always the invites are cute, cute, cute!

With your etsy prices think what you would pay and then add a bit more - most of us always under estimate our talent!

Have a great weekend!


Those wedding shower invites, oh my god so cute!!! I have an article about pricing your art. I will copy it and send it to you.


ellia your work is so amazing! I know I keep saying that, but I'm just blown away each time you show what you've been working on. good luck with the pricing issue... I think you deserve to be paid very well for not only your original design talent, but the fact that each card is completely handmade.


I wish you & l lived close by so you could show me your techniques for making such amazing works. Your cutting techniques boggle my mind, or maybe I'm just lacking some patience!


Your work is lovely, your family is beautiful! I enjoyed visiting your site!


beautiful stuff Ellia - love your work and technique!!! you are very talented!

angie b.

wow! the bridal shower invites are really terrific!!!


These are GORGEOUS, Ellia, do you individually cut EACH ONE?? That must take weeks! I think you're friend is very lucky, they look so expensive a professional!

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